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Jura J6 Espresso Machine in Brilliant Silver

By: Jura
Jura J6 Espresso Machine in Brilliant Silver
Jura J6 Espresso Machine in Brilliant Silver Jura J6 Espresso Machine in Brilliant Silver Jura J6 Espresso Machine in Brilliant Silver Jura J6 Espresso Machine in Brilliant Silver Jura J6 Espresso Machine in Brilliant Silver Jura J6 Espresso Machine in Brilliant Silver

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Jura J6 Espresso Machine in Brilliant Silver
Jura J6 Espresso Machine in Brilliant Silver

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    The Jura J6 espresso machine in silver is a hallmark among bean-to-cup machines equipped with state-of-the-art technologies for sublime results at the push of a button. A true one-touch machine, the J6 is ready to brew a staggering variety of 13 fully programmable specialties, including Flat White, cappuccino, latte macchiato, ristretto, and more with just one button press and no need to move your cup. Personalize each drink with 10 strength settings, 3 temperature settings, adjustable water volume, and save your specs for next time.

    The J6 is equipped with Jura's Aroma G3 grinder for fast and quiet grinding, keeping sleepy mornings peaceful. The TFT color display is vibrant, and the plain language menus are easy to understand and scroll through with the rotary switch at the top of the machine, making the J6 easy to use for everyone.

    Dimensions: 11.2" W x 17" D x 13.5" H

    Weight: 25lbs

    Brewing Features

    The 15 bar high-performance pump and thermoblock heating system combined with the intuitive TFT display makes brewing your favorite specialty beverages a simple task. The Variable Brewing Unit lets you prepare your drinks with anywhere from 5-16 grams of coffee. The Intelligent Pre-Brew Aroma System is also available on this model. It is Jura’s proprietary pre-infusion cycle, designed to help you extract the most flavor and aroma out of your coffee.

    The J6 lets you prepare the following drinks with a touch of a button:

    • 1 Ristretto
    • 2 Ristretti
    • 1 Espresso
    • 2 Espressi
    • 1 Coffee
    • 2 Coffees
    • 1 Espresso Macchiato
    • 1 Latte Macchiato
    • 1 Cappuccino
    • 1 Flat White
    • 1 Portion of Hot Water

    The amount of water used per beverage, coffee strength (10 settings), brewing temperature (3 settings) and hot water temperature (3 settings) are all customizable to your liking. This is a true one-touch machine. Once a beverage selection has been made, the J6 will do all the preparation work and dispense a completed drink right into your cup. Jura has even outfitted this machine with a height adjustable beverage dispenser to let you brew directly into cup up to 4.4 inches tall.

    Pulse Extraction Process (P.E.P.) Brewing

    Jura's innovative Pulse Extraction Process (P.E.P.) pulses water through the grounds in short intervals that extract greater intensity and aroma while shortening the overall brew time. With P.E.P., short specialty beverages like espresso and ristretto can be prepared with greater clarity and flavor than ever before.

    Steaming and Frothing

    The J6 is equipped with a Jura's Cappuccino Frother, which will automatically siphon and froth/steam fresh milk for a macchiato or cappuccino. After each use, the machine will prompt you to rinse the milk circuit to keep the spouts clean. Using the automated maintenance option, you can simply set a container beneath the frother and allow the machine to do a self rinse to keep the system in proper working condition.

    Water Features

    This one-touch machine features a generous 2-liter removable water reservoir. To ensure that beverages taste their best, the J6 can be fitted with the CLEARYL Smart water filter. It removes minerals from tap water for great tasting drinks and helps to prevent scale buildup. An adjustable water hardness feature is also available for users who choose not to brew with filtered water.

    The J6 has three temperature settings, low, normal, and high to let you control the hot water dispenser. Turn the temperature setting to low, if you’re dispensing water to make hot chocolate for the kids, or set it on high if you prefer ultra-hot tea.

    Grinder, Bean Hopper and Bypass Doser

    The J6 has a dedicated bean hopper with an aroma-preserving lid to let you safely store up to 8.8-ounces of whole bean coffee. If you choose to grind fresh coffee for every drink, you can do so using the Aroma G3 conical burr grinder. It can be adjusted on a continuous scale to let you fine-tune your grind as needed. Skipping the grinding process entirely and brewing with pre-ground coffee is also possible, as this one-touch machine has an integrated burr grinder.

    Energy Setting

    Catering to increasingly eco-conscious customers, the J6 has a patented Zero-Energy Switch. The machine is actually completely disconnected from the mains power supply once it enters standby mode to ensure that it does not consume any energy. This feature will help you cut down on energy costs as well as minimize the machine’s impact on the environment.

    Additional Features

    Integrated rinsing, cleaning and descaling programs make machine maintenance hassle free and easy to keep up with. Connect with the Jura app with the J6's wifi capabilities. While brewing, the J6 will illuminate your cup with a soft amber glow before reverting to a clean white light. You can also store an interchangeable milk spout and milk pipe in the J6's redesigned storage compartment to save space. This aesthetically pleasing one-touch machine features a glossy chrome-plated brew spout, rotary dial and high-end finishes. It measures 13.5”H x 11.2”W x17” D and weighs a mere 24 pounds.


    Product Specifications

    Manufacturer Part Number:
    Depth (Inches):
    Width (Inches):
    Height (Inches):
    Weight (Lbs):
    110V-120V (US)
    Power Cord Length (inches):
    Power Cord Storage:
    Recommended Application:
    Home / Residential
    NSF Certified:
    Housing Material:
    ABS Thermoplastic
    Housing Color:
    Stainless Steel
    Frame Material:
    Drip Tray Material:
    ABS Thermoplastic
    Removable Drip Tray:
    Drip Tray Cover Material:
    Water Reservoir Features:
    Water Reservoir Material:
    Water Reservoir Access Location:
    Water Reservoir Capacity:
    Water Source:
    Built-In Reservoir
    Dreg Drawer Capacity (Spent Pucks):
    Adjustable Cup Height:
    Cup Height (max, inches):
    Cup Height (min, inches):
    Brewing Light:
    Yes, Blue, White
    Drain Line Adaptable (Plumbable):
    Cup Warmer:
    Cup Warmer Material:
    Type of Controls:
    Push Button, Rotary Switch
    Controls and Additional Features:
    Adjustable Coffee Strength, Adjustable Coffee Dosage, Automatic Shut-Off, Brewing Complete Indicator, Bypass Doser, Cup Volume Control, "Decalcification Needed" Indicator, Digital Display, Energy Saving Design, Low-Water Warning, Pre-Infusion, Programmable Power Off, Programmable Brewing, Temperature Control
    Display Type:
    LCD (TFT)
    Pressure Gauges:
    Brew Circuit
    Tall Legs:
    Boiler Configuration:
    Number of Boilers:
    Boiler Features:
    Rapid Steam
    Brew Boiler Type:
    Brew Boiler Wattage:
    Brew Boiler Material:
    Brew Boiler Auto-Fill:
    Brew Boiler Insulation:
    Steam Boiler Material:
    Steam Boiler Insulation:
    Steam Boiler Auto-Fill:
    Steam Boiler Vacuum Relief Valve:
    Steam Wand:
    One-Touch Cappuccino / Auto-Frother Type:
    Cappuccinatore Attachment
    One-Touch Cappuccino Carafe Features:
    Adjustable Spout
    Cappuccino Dispensing Height (inches):
    Adjustable Froth Quality:
    Dishwasher-Safe Carafe (if present):
    Steam Wand Material:
    Steam Wand Movement Type:
    Brew Unit Type:
    Brew Unit Material:
    Brew Group Features:
    Automatic Cleaning Cycle
    Coffee Dose Quantity (grams/cycle):
    5 - 16
    Pump Type:
    Vibration Pump
    Self-Priming Pump:
    Air Remover:
    Adjustable Brew Pressure:
    Grinding Method:
    Number of Grinders:
    Grinder Burr Type:
    Conical Steel
    Bean Hopper Material:
    Bean Hopper Capacity (Oz):
    Number of Grinder Settings:
    Removable Bean Hopper:
    Bean Hopper Freshness Lid:
    Maintenance Alerts:
    Recommended Descaler Type:
    Jura Descaling Tablets
    Recommended Water Filter:
    Jura Clearyl Smart
    Water Filter Included:
    Can Be Backflushed:
    Recommended Backflush / Brew Circuit Cleaner:
    Jura 2-Phase Cleaning Tablets
    Recommended Milk Carafe Cleaner:
    Jura-Capresso Auto-Frother Cleaner
    Recommended Grinder Cleaner:
    Manufacturers Warranty Period:
    2-Year Limited Warranty
    Warranty Service Provider: