969.Coffee Elba 1 Espresso Machine

969.Coffee’s Elba 1 is a heat exchange machine that packs large capacity and power into a compact package. It heats up in a quick 15 minutes, and features a temperature stable E61 group, and a fully detachable drip tray for easy cleaning or even more space conservation.

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969.Coffee Elba 3 Espresso Machine

By: 969.coffee

The Elba 3 looks snazzy and slim with its dressed up wood elements and 9” width. This heat exchange machine can brew and steam simultaneously, boasts a temperature stable E61 group, easily adjustable OPV, and a fully removable drip tray for quick clean up.
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Owning the 969.Coffee Elba 1

Our six legged friend, the Elba 1 from 969.Coffee is a compact espresso machine that’s temperature stable and quick to heat up to brew temp. Its heat exchange boiler makes for simultaneous brewing and steaming. Though it doesn’t feature a PID, the Elba 1 is remarkably temp stable. It just requires a cooling flush after steaming, or if it’s been sitting for a while between shots, to purge out any overheated water. The machine is incredibly compact at just 9” wide, partly due to the removal of a dedicated hot water wand. Thankfully, hot water for Americanos and the like can still be dispensed directly from the group. An industry standard E61 group keeps the group head nice and hot using a thermosyphon system to draw hot water from the boiler through the group and back, so the brew water never gets a chill. The large 1.5 L boiler makes the Elba 1 a standout in its class, both for its small footprint and large capacity. The drip tray is a behemoth, too, and can be detached from the machine entirely due to an extra pair of legs keeping the Elba 1 on its feet. We love it because it makes for even greater functionality. You can remove it for cleaning, to brew into an extra large cup, or even to store it when you need to reclaim a little extra counter space.

The Elba 1 has excellent steam pressure, as seen on the integrated pressure gauge, owing to its access to a whopping 1500 watts of power. We really noticed a difference in how quickly we were able to froth a pitcher of milk. 969.Coffee’s design is particularly thoughtful when it comes to machine safety. The Elba 1 features anti-flood protection, which cuts the pump after the brew lever has been depressed for 90 seconds to prevent flooding. Similarly, low water detection ensures that if the pump runs for more than three minutes but is unable to fill the boiler, it automatically shuts down. Both of these features keep the Elba 1 safe so that it can keep brewing and steaming delicious drinks for years to come. If you like the Elba 1, but would prefer a little added flair, the Elba 3 features wooden accents and a few other design upgrades.

Heat-Exchange Boiler

Brewing and steaming are handled by a 1.5 liter copper heat exchange boiler. At 1500 watts, it's one of the most powerful we've seen on a machine of this size. For improved frothing performance, the gauge on the top right of the machine allows you to keep an eye on steam pressure when preparing milk beverages.


Heat-Exchange Boiler

E61 Group Head

Made from chrome-plated brass, the legendary E61 brew group uses a thermosyphon system to ensure temperature stability while brewing. By circulating water from the boiler to the group, it ensures that heat isn’t lost when the water reaches the portafilter. This makes the Elba 1 more temperature stable, enabling it to deliver great tasting coffee shot after shot.


E61 Group Head

Fully Detachable Drip Tray

The Elba 1’s unique design has the machine supported by six legs instead of the typical four. As a result, the drip tray can be completely removed for easier cleaning. You can also fit incredibly tall cups under the brew spouts as long as you put something beneath the solenoid valve.


Fully Detachable Drip Tray

Integrated Safety Protocols

The Elba 1 won’t let water overflow due to its integrated anti-flood protection, nor will it allow the pump to run when there isn’t any water in the reservoir. These safety features allow peace of mind when using the Elba 1, and ensure she’ll be brewing for years to come.


Integrated Safety Protocols


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