Bezzera BZ07 DE Espresso Machine

The BZ07 is a heat exchange machine that features both a PID temperature controller for serious stability, and programmable volumetric brew buttons for automatic shots. Bezzera rethinks the prosumer with this reliable, compact machine that fits effortlessly into any space.

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Bezzera BZ10 Espresso Machine

By: Bezzera

The Bezzera BZ10 is a heat exchange machine with a specially designed group that heats up in a short ten minutes. It’s super compact and perfect for those who want to break into prosumers without breaking the bank or taking over the kitchen.
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Bezzera BZ13 DE Espresso Machine

By: Bezzera

The Bezzera BZ13 DE is a NSF-certified PID heat-exchanger espresso machine with incredibly fast heat-up times and phenomenal temperature stability.

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Bezzera BZ07 Overview

A big step up from the BZ10, the Bezzera BZ07 bursts onto the scene with seriously stable temps and super simple brew buttons, for a single or double shot at the press of a button. At first glance, it looks quite like the BZ10, but, upon closer inspection, we were amazed to find that Bezera did a complete redesign to make room for the BZ07’s new features, while keeping it in the same compact housing as its counterpart.

Features and Performance

The water spout joins the steam wand on the right hand side, still toggle operated, with the steam valve locking into position when it’s toggled up. The right side now features three brew buttons, a manual one, and two others which can be programmed to dispense a specified volumetric amount for on-demand single and double shots.

Up above, the PID reigns over the dual thermostats controlling both the boiler and Bezzera’s specially designed electronically heated group. Changes in pressure can be monitored on the dual needle gauge. Rather than go with the standard E61 group which syphons water from the boiler to maintain its heat, the Bezzera BZ07’s group is heated electronically and monitored by its own thermostat for serious temperature stability. Bezzera’s commitment to keeping production in house allowed them to make all these significant changes.

Just like on the BZ10, the Bezzera BZ07’s steam wand toggles on for powerful steaming, and we were impressed by just how much steaming you can get done before it needs a breather, though, if you’re expecting to entertain often, you might want to consider a dual boiler machine. You don’t need to worry too much about overworking it either, Bezerra integrated several layers of safety sensors to keep the BZ07 performing reliably for years.

Why You Should Get It

The Bezzera BZ07 is small, but scrappy, always up to the task of keeping you caffeinated. Getting the hang of the BZ07 is easy, with its intuitive push button and toggle operation; each function designated by a stylized icon. The integrated cup warmer keeps cups at the ready, and we’ve found that the electronically heated brew group really gets the job done. The volumetric controls make brewing as simple as pressing a button, or you can experiment in manual mode.


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