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Dalla Corte XT 3-Group in Dark Walnut

By Dalla Corte

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Dalla Corte’s XT espresso machine pushes the boundaries of commercial technology. By combining Dalla Corte’s signature Multi-Boiler System with their recent innovations in flow control, and a real time weight control system, each of the XT’s three groups can be programmed with a unique temperature, extraction weight, and flow. This unparalleled degree of control enables baristas the flexibility to dial in specific brew recipes on a per-group basis, all the while benefiting from the capacity of commercial espresso machine.

Enabling this sort of precise control first requires unwavering stability, starting with temperature. The Multi-Boiler System is Dalla Corte’s answer to maintaining independent brew temperature stability. Each of the XT’s groups houses a 0.5 L boiler, each with its own PID and heating element. This means the water is never shared between the brew boilers or the steam boiler so each can be counted on to maintain its own unique temperature under any condition. The boilers can also be toggled on and off in the configuration of your choice.

For flow control, a manual valve is incorporated in the water line of each group. By removing its corresponding valve cap, the flow of water to each group can be regulated and set between 4 - 12g of water per second. To adjust flow, simply remove the cap and insert an Allen key to adjust to your desired flow rate. Your changes can be reviewed on the corresponding screen above the group before replacing the valve cap. Varying flow between groups allows you to offer varying degrees of pre-infusion and affect the contact time between your water and your coffee.

The final piece of the puzzle is the Real Time Weight Control system. By measuring the flow of water in grams, the XT’s groups can each be programmed to dispense a specific amount of water at the touch of a button. By measuring the amount of espresso flowing into your cup, this unique feature eliminates the need to use a scale when pulling a shot of espresso. In this way the XT offers weight based brewing options while reducing the cost and clutter of accessories. 

Other features that round out the XT’s user experience are its compatibility with Dalla Corte’s other ingenious technologies, the GCS (Grinder Control System) and MCS (Milk Control System). The GCS tethers your XT to a Dalla Corte DC One or DC Two grinder, feeding them information about the flow of your espresso to automatically recalibrate your grind as necessary. The MCS is an automatic milk frothing system that can froth milk to your desired temperature, allowing your baristas to focus on other tasks. This optional feature must be requested prior to ordering.

With XT Dalla Corte puts its best foot forward in combining commercial capacity with the most advanced brewing innovations on the market. The precise control of brewing variables married with labor saving innovations like the GCS unlocks the true potential of baristas, unfettered by restrictions to their time or creativity.


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