DeLonghi DCF2210TTC 10 Cup Thermal Carafe Coffee Maker - Stainless Steel

Ditch that burnt and bitter morning cup of joe from your old coffee maker and treat yourself to DeLonghi’s 10-Cup Thermal Carafe Coffee Maker for a fresh, full-flavored and aromatic morning coffee.

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DeLonghi DCF2210TTC 10-Cup Thermal Carafe Coffee Maker Overview

DeLonghi’s 10-Cup Thermal Carafe Coffee Maker is a treat that’ll make your mornings a whole lot better. The thermal carafe holds up to 10 cups of coffee and is designed to keep your coffee hot for hours at a time without losing it’s bold flavor and delicious aroma—no more burnt and bitter coffee when reaching for that second cup. Unlike other low-end coffee appliances, DeLonghi created a coffee machine that incorporates new and improved features including an Aroma button to highlight the flavor notes and scents for smaller cups of coffee and a 24-hour digital timer so that you can have a fresh pot of coffee waiting for you in the morning as soon as you roll out of bed.

Other key features you might want to consider is the patented Front-Access design making it incredibly easy and accessible for drip coffee lovers to fill the coffee basket with freshly ground coffee and add more water with the help of a water-level indicator. If you’re running late and need to dash out the door, you can grab your favorite mug from the passively heated cup warmer on top of the machine and utilize the ‘pause and serve’ function to grab what you need before the brewing cycle is complete.


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