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Expobar Office Lever Plus Semi-Automatic Espresso Machine

By: Expobar
Reg. $1,349.00
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Package Includes
1x Brass Water Adapter $10.15
Value: $10.15



A true prosumer and light duty commercial espresso machine, the new Expobar Office Lever Plus flawlessly merges commercial capabilities and a consumer-friendly design. An upgrade of the wildly popular Office Lever line, this model has been redesigned to allow it to be plumbed; it also has a new, no-burn steam wand. You’ll have the option of connecting Expobar Office Lever Plus directly to your water supply or using the generous 120oz water reservoir. Heavy users may find plumbing the machine more convenient, as it provides the machine with an endless water supply.

Aside from this insightful upgrade, the Expobar Office Lever Plus retains all of the functionalities that have made it an industry benchmark. The high-end, commercial-grade copper boiler remains standard on this model, ensuring that brewing and steaming operations can be performed seamlessly and simultaneously. As with all Expobars, the E61 Brew Group and professional portafilter are made of chrome-plated marine brass to guarantee maximum temperature stability. 

Housed in an elegant, polished stainless steel frame, the Expobar Office Lever Plus comes with a tamper, single and double shot filter baskets, as well as a seven-gram scoop and backflush disc to get you brewing in style.

Please Note: Regulations for commercial use vary between states. Be aware of your local requirements. Machines carrying an NSF approval are labeled as such. Please visit our policies page for warranty information.


Features & Benefits: Coffee


The Expobar Office Lever Plus can be plumbed; this gives you the option of connecting the machine directly to a water source instead of relying on the water reservoir. This model has a unique plumbing system with a solenoid valve on the inlet side, a safety feature that works in parallel with the pump to prevent leaking. Expobar has developed this system to protect your home and machine.

E61 Commercial Brewing Group

The durable E61 Commercial Brew Group is made of heavy-duty, chrome-plated marine brass to ensure superior performance, heat stability, and longevity. Brew-ready temperature is maintained by a thermal siphon, which continuously circulates hot water from the boiler to the brew group, even as the machine idles.

Heat Exchanger Boiler System

The impressive 1.8-liter copper boiler is equipped can brew large quantities, once it heats up. The warm-up period takes about 15 minutes, then the heat exchanger will allow you to steam and brew simultaneously.

Lever Controls and Three-Way Valve

The sophisticated capabilities of this machine are controlled by a simple, user-friendly switch, lever, and two knobs. Turn on the power switch and the machine automatically prepares itself to brew; once the pressure gauge reaches one bar of pressure, you’re good to go! The lever on this Expobar is unique in that it actually functions to release the valve, located within the brew group, and activate the pump to begin the brewing process. Raise the lever to brew. Once you’ve got your espresso, return the lever back to its place, this will open the three-way valve to relieve the water pressure accumulated during the brewing process.

Pressure Controller with Pressure Gauge

Boiler temperature and pressure is managed by a dedicated pressure controller. This unique feature monitors boiler pressure and activates the heating element if the pressure drops. A pressure gauge is mounted on the front panel of the Expobar Office Lever Plus for user reference. Once the gauge’s needle is positioned between 1 and 1.5 bars of pressure, you’re got enough pressure to brew/steam. Within 10 minutes, the thermo siphon will have the brew group heated for optimal brewing results. If you’re in a hurry, run a blank shot through the group to warm it up and prep it for immediate brewing.

Pressure Gauges

The Expobar Office Lever Plus has 2 pressure gauge displays that allow users to easily monitor both brew and boiler pressure making it easier to monitor the extraction parameters.

Commercial-Grade Portafilter

The double-spout, commercial-style portafilter is made of chrome-plated brass for maxiumum temperature stability.

Low-Water Cutoff

A sensor has been mounted in the water reservoir. It monitors water levels and will turn off the machine if the reservoir is low.

Integrated Cup Warmer

A passive cup warmer is located on the top of the Expobar Office Lever Plus, allowing you to preheat your cups.

Features & Benefits: Frothing and Hot Water

Hot Water Dispenser

The steam wand and hot water dispenser are separate on the Expobar Office Lever Plus and controlled by two independent knobs. The dispenser will deliver hot water on demand for teas, hot chocolate, soup and more.

Steam Wand

The no-burn, polished steel steam wand is easy to clean and maintain. It has a generous clearance and can be rotated to accommodate cups of all shapes and sizes.

Features & Benefits: Care and Maintenance

Maintaining your Expobar Office Lever

The Expobar Office Lever Plus should be backflushed every week or week and a half for optimal performance. A backflush disc is included with the machine, for your convenience. Whole Latte Love recommends that you use the Urnex Cafiza Espresso Machine Cleaner for best results. Please refer to our article, “Backflushing your Espresso Machine” for detailed instructions on how to blackflush your machine.


One year parts & labor warranty


Misc Data
Manufacturer: Expobar
Model: Office Lever Plus
Dimension - Width (Inches): 10.5
Dimension - Height (Inches): 16.5
Dimension - Depth (Inches): 17.5
Weight (lbs): 54
Watts: 1428
Volts: 120
Housing Materials: Stainless Steel
Drip Tray Material: Stainless Steel
Drip Tray Cover Material: Stainless Steel
Drip Tray Capacity (Oz): 20
Drain Line Adaptable: Yes
Tall Legs: Yes
Power Cord Length (Inches): 40
Cup Height
High (Inches): 3.5
Frothing Wand
Material: Stainless Steel
Steam Wand Style: Commercial Style
Wand Movement: Articulating
Number Of Holes: 1
No Burn Wand: Yes
Optional Steam Tips Or Wands: Yes
Water Source
Reservoir Or Plumbed: Plumbed
Reservoir Capacity (Oz): 93
Reservoir Material: Plastic
Reservoir Removable: Yes
Maximum Incoming Water Pressure (PSI): 50 Psi
Type Of Controls: Lever
Display Type: LED
Pre-Infusion: Yes
Low Water Warning: Yes
Pressure Gauges: steam
Cup Warmer
Material: Stainless Steel
Size (Inches): 10x10
Passive / Active: Passive
Portafilter Data
Material: Chrome Plated Brass
Type: Commercial Style
Quantity Included: 1
Weight (lbs): 1
Diameter (Millimeter): 58
Commercial Filter Baskets Included: Single & Double
Ground, E.S.E. Pod And Capsule Compatible: Pod Kit Available
Bottomless Portafilter Available: Yes
Tamper Size (Millimeter): 58
Brew Group
Material: Chrome Plated Brass
Type: E61
Preheat: Yes
Three-Way Valve: Manual
Capsule / Pod Friendly: Pod Kit Available
Back Flush Capable: Yes
Boiler Data
Number Of Boilers: 1
Brew And Steam Simultaneously: Yes
Rapid Steam: Yes
Brew Boiler Data
Brew Boiler Type: Heat Exchanger
Brew Boiler Watts: 1250
Brew boiler Volume (Oz): 1.7 Liter
Brew Boiler Material: Copper
Brew Boiler Orientation: Vertical
Brew Boiler Heater Location: Internal
Brew Boiler Auto Fill: Yes
Steam Boiler Data
Steam Boiler Type: One Boiler for the Brew and Steam
Pump Data
Pump Type: Vibration
Pump Wattage: 41
Maximum Pressure (Bar): 15 Bar
Brew Pressure Adjustability: Yes
Air Remover: Yes
Self Priming Pump: 8 to 9 Bar
Initial Heat Up (Seconds): 420
Recommended Heat Up Time (Seconds): 900
Hot Water Temp 8 Oz (F): 195
Hot Water Time 8 Oz (Seconds): 13
Hot Water Recovery Time (Seconds): 0
Sound Level - Brewing (Db): 60
Sound Level - Grinding (Db): No
Rechargeable Water Softener: Yes
Back Flush Cleaner Used: Cafiza
Warranty (Years): 1
Country Of Manufacture: Spain
Recommended Applications: Home / Commercial
Service provided
Repairs By: Whole Latte Love
Contact Number: 888-411-5282


JAG asked:

Is is possible to remove and clean the shower screen in the brew head of my Expobar Office Lever Plus?  If so how do I do this?



Answer by Maggie:

John, thank you for your post.  Try this:

Make sure that your machine is cold and unplugged before beginning.

Remove the portafilter, drip tray and drip grid from your machine.

Move both the steam and hot water wands as far away from the group head as possible.

Make sure that you are very careful when using tools near the machine. You do not want to scratch the stainless steel. Use a piece of cloth/rag/kitchen towel to cover vital areas on your machine.

Take a look at the shower screen inside of the group head. The screen is held in by pressure. You will need to use the flat blade screw driver to pry it out.

There is a small indentation around the edge of the shower screen. Place the end of the flat blade screwdriver into the indentation.

Be careful on the next steps not to bend the shower screen.

Pry the shower screen down slightly on one side. Again being careful not to slip and scratch the machine. Switch to the other side of the group head and pry the slower screen slightly. Keep switching sides and slightly prying down until the shower screen comes loose.

When the shower screen is loose enough, you should be able to simply pull it down with your hand.

Gary asked:

I purhcased an Expobar Office Lever Plus approximately three weeks ago. So far I have been using the resevoir which has the single tube going into the reservoir with that water softner capsul attached to the end of the tube. Quite a bit of the literature has suggested that having this water softner is important. Once I decide to "plumb" my machine directly to a water line, it is unclear to me how I will be able to continue using the softner capsul?  Could you provide some advice?


Answer by Erik:

The softner would not be able to be used with the direct plumb option.  You would need an inline water softner from Lowe's or Home Depot at that point.

Marco asked:

Hi bought an Expobar Office Lever Plus last November.   It worked well until approx a month ago when it started leaking alot.   I opened the back of the machine to see where it was leaking and it looks like it is in 2 places at the top of the boiler - pressure control valves?   It seems to leak once the boiler starts building up pressure.   ALso when I turn the knob for the steam wand it only pushes water out with little pressure.  any thoughts/recommendations?  is it normal.  Is it defective?  





Answer by Erik:

Please contact our technical support department at 1-888-411-5282 option 3 and they can help troubleshoot this issue for you.

Chris asked:

Do I need a pressure regulating valve if I plumb in my water supply? If so, what pressure should I set? I can't tell if solenoid valve on the inlet would provide enough protection and there are no mentions of a pressure regulator in the manual. I have an in-line water softener and filter, for what it's worth.

Answer by techkathy:

We definitely recommend putting a pressure regulator on the plumb line.  The presure should not exceed 20 psi at the espresso machine.  Sometimes the filters you have will reduce the pressure coming from the plumb line.  If the pressure it too high, water will push by the pump and alves and cause the machien to flood.  

Ian asked:

is it good to leave your machine on all day?

Answer by Maggie:

It really is not-you want to turn it on to preheat, use it, and then shut it off when you are done. Some of the super-automatic machines do go into sleep mode after an period of non-use, but the majority of them should be shut off after use.

Roger P asked:

does this machine have a drain ?
Peter B

Answer by mjackson:

It can be set up to have a drain line if you so desire. Call and let your salesperson know. For the money it is a great machine

Jean-Marc asked:

Hi great machine. But I have a couple of questions on one feature. When you remove the water tray, there is a pressure adjustment screw on the bottom right of the machine.
1. What does the adjustment screw actually do?
2. What does it do to the taste of my espresso when it is fully closed ( clockwise) or fully open.
3. Who sets the setting, wholelattelove techs or factory? Mine was about 3.5 turns open ( counterclockwise from full closed) when I received the machine.

Thanks and once again, great machine!

Answer by techkathy:

1) The adjustment is the OPV and controls the brew pressure.
2) If the brew pressure is too low, the coffee wont come out. If the pressure is too high, the coffee will come through too quickly and taste weak or watery.
3) Before the machine is shipped Whole Latte Love technicians set the pressure to about 10 bars.

Ian asked:

I do not seem to be getting much steam power out of my Expobar Office lever. I was wanting to try some other tips to see how they work. What would you all recommend?

Answer by dongio2:

Ian, I have a fairly new Office Lever and I have not had any problems with steaming, however I'll share some of the tips that I've found help :
* making sure the water tank has enough water
* clean the tip regularly, you might have some milk that has hardened inside the tip. Before frothing I ritually do the following: purge steam out of the want first, froth milk, purge steam again, wipe steam clean with a towel with water. I followed that same ritual previously on an super-automatic for 5 years and never had any steaming problems, unless I failed to clean the steam tip. It's tedious, but I think it will save you grief in the long run.
Additionally, if you have the newer Office Lever models I was told by the staff that the single hole tip would provide plenty of power and was ideal for the machine, (my experience so far with the steam after nearly 2 months has been very good)
If you already do all these, maybe you might have a different issue to which the staff might provide some additional light. I hope this helps

Answer by Ian:

I found that it was just technique. I had to get used to the machine. Even though I've master the microfoam with the original tip, I just ordered the rattleware 4 piece set from the accessories section. I will tell you my findings.

Mark asked:

Happy to report that my Expobar Office Lever Plus is working after a small hiccup with a loose wire (presumably from shipping). Now for the question, which I am certain that has been posted before, but I couldn't figure out how to search? My shots are very sour. I think that is the correct description. They taste as if the beans are green. Perhaps a general guideline can be given for my particular machine and grinder. Expobar Office Lever Plus and Baratza Vario.

Answer by A:


One of the most helpful videos we have is the Basics of Making Espresso. It goes through the steps to make a really solid shot, and may cause you to have an "Ah-Ha!" moment. Just copy and paste this link and give it a look!


Answer by Mark:

The tutorial helped for sure. I got pretty scientific and started measuring everything and used a scale to make sure tamp pressure was right. However, I think what helped the sourness is letting the first bit of espresso go into the drip tray. No more than 2 seconds. Read that somewhere. Finally, I went for about 26 to 28 seconds instead of 25. Thanks.

Andre asked:

What's the best type of water to use for this machine? (distilled, artesian, deionized, etc.)

Answer by techkathy:

You should use water with a low mineral content. The machine relies on an electrical signal for the auto-fill function. So the water does need to have some electrolyte in it.


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