Gaggia Classic Pro 30th Anniversary Espresso Machine

Partake in the celebration of an industry icon with the Gaggia Classic Pro 30th Anniversary Limited Edition Espresso Machine. To commemorate this momentous occasion, Gaggia has inscribed its 100% Italian-made, semi-automatic machine with an artistic representation of the machine’s “two souls," the Acrobat and the Home Barista.

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Gaggia Classic Pro Semi-Automatic Espresso Machine

By: Gaggia

The Gaggia Classic Pro improves on the decades old reputation of its predecessor. With an updated commercial steam wand, rocker switches, temperature ready lights, and a streamlined frame, the 100% Italian made Gaggia Classic Pro is the best entry-level espresso machine on the market.
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Gaggia Classic 30th Anniversary Limited Edition Espresso Machine Overview

To mark three decades of an industry icon, Gaggia has crafted a limited edition 30th Anniversary edition of the Classic Pro — a 100% Italian-made, semi-automatic espresso machine consecrated by coffee enthusiasts from all over the world as the pinnacle of at-home Italian espresso making.

To celebrate such a significant landmark, Gaggia enlisted Italian artist Pierpaolo Gaballo to concoct a design that would effectively symbolize the elegance, staying power, and industry pioneering performance of the original Gaggia Classic. With that in mind, Gaballo chose the concept of the Acrobat and the Home Barista, as both are performers who combine preparation with dexterity, practice, and balance. This concept is shown on the housing of the machine, with artistic depictions of the Acrobat and the Home Barista mirroring one another across the sides of the machine’s sleek, stainless steel body.

Just 3,000 pieces have been produced, so availability is on a first-come, first-serve basis. To further authenticate the limited stock of the machine, Gaggia has inscribed each with a unique number (1 to 3,000) to denote order of assembly on the production line.

Features and Performance

Aside from the aforementioned limited edition design this version of the Classic Pro has to offer, this machine is still the same reliable, affordable, and compact powerhouse that at-home baristas have been enamored with for the past 30 years.

This iteration of the Classic Pro features a rapid heating boiler, 3-way solenoid valve, 58 mm commercial chrome-plated brass portafilter, and stainless steel shower holding plate. Also included is a commercial style steam wand, making the Classic Pro the ideal machine for producing rich, velvety milk foam for latte art.

More nuanced features include distinct and weighty rocker switches for power, brew, and steam functionality, as well as improved housing designs like indents in the frame to make it easier to remove the water reservoir. The drip tray has also been streamlined with rounded edges that accentuate the contours of the machine and the decompression duct has received a rubber grip for safer and easier removal.

Internally, the brew boiler features embedded heating elements and is ready to brew in roughly 5 minutes. Switching to steam takes another minute, and a quick flush brings you right back to brew temperature. Brewing on the Classic Pro is even quieter than before thanks to improvements to the pump mounting that reduce noise while operating.

Each Classic Pro ships with a plastic tamper, a single and double shot commercial basket, a pressurized double shot basket, and two-way pin. Out of the box you’ll also be able to brew both pre-ground and freshly ground coffee.

Why You Should Get It

Whether you’re interested in obtaining a piece of history, or are looking for an espresso machine that many consider an industry icon, the list goes on and on as to why the Gaggia Classic Pro 30th Anniversary Limited Edition Espresso Machine is the machine you didn’t know you needed.

The Classic Pro is the spiritual successor to the Gaggia Classic, Gaggia’s signature product and flagship of the “Made in Italy” and “Espresso at home” culture in the world. For the past 30 years, this espresso machine has embodied the values of being an at-home barista: authenticity, creativity, freedom, fantasy. Those who choose this machine will forever own a work of art that mixes Italian quality, tradition, and design with the fascinating art of contemporary illustration.

Additionally, only 3,000 pieces of this limited edition version of the Classic Pro have been produced to further commemorate the occasion.

Limited Edition Design

With the help of Italian artist Pierpaolo Gaballo, Gaggia chose to symbolize the 30th Anniversary of the Gaggia Classic by inscribing this limited edition version of the Classic Pro with it’s two souls – the Acrobat and the Home Barista – on the machine’s sides.


Limited Edition Design

Commercial Steam Wand

A long awaited update, the commercial steam wand gives you full control over milk frothing. The Classic Pro’s impressive steam power allows you to produce perfectly textured milk for latte art.


Commercial Steam Wand

Rocker Switches and Ready Lights

The Classic Pro’s control panel has been split up into three switches for power, brewing, and steaming. Each switch has its own indicator light to tell you when the machine is on, ready to brew, and ready to steam.


Rocker Switches and Ready Lights

Improved Pump Mounts

Better mounting of the vibration pump has reduced the amount of noise produced while brewing. As a result, the Classic Pro produces the same excellent espresso as before, but quieter than ever.


Improved Pump Mounts


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