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Gaggia Super-Automatic Maintenance Package

By Gaggia

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Gaggia Super-Automatic Maintenance Package Overview

Cleaning your super-auto is super easy! The Gaggia Super-Automatic Maintenance Package has everything you need to clean your machine and keep it in peak condition. 

At the heart of your machine, the brew group is where coffee is compacted and brewed to produce espresso on demand. The Cafiza Super-Automatic Cleaning Tablets are formulated to clean off the coffee oils that build up inside the group and on the spouts inside of your machine. As for the group itself, that Brew Group Service Kit includes pipe cleaners, food safe lubricant, and replacement O-Rings which allow you to keep the mechanisms inside the group moving without friction and able to form a proper seal.

In addition to cleaning your machine, using properly filtered water will not only make your espresso taste better, but it will also protect your machine against mineral buildup and scaling. The Mavea Intenza water filter removes flavor contaminants like copper and chlorine from your water while also softening it to *reduce the frequency of necessary descaling. When it is time to descale, the included Gaggia Decalcifier is the recommended descaler for removing mineral buildup inside all Gaggia espresso machines.

When it comes to milk residue, the included Urnex Rinza is a specially formulated milk cleaner that is designed to break down milk solids for a deep clean of your machines steam wand or milk frothing system.

*When setting up your machine, it is important to program your water hardness and  properly set the machine to filter mode so that you know when it's time to descale.

Each Maintenance Pack Includes 1x Each of the Following:

  • Gaggia Brew Group Service Kit
  • Mavea Intenza Water Filter
  • Gaggia Decalcifier
  • Rinza Milk Frother Cleaner
  • Cafiza Super-Automatic Cleaning Tablets

Please Note: The water filter in this package is not compatible for use with the Gaggia Babila espresso machine.

Compatible with the following Gaggia machines:

- Besana

- Brera

- Naviglio Milk

- Anima / Anima Prestige

- Velasca / Velasca Prestige

- Accademia

- Cadorna Barista Plus / Cadorna Milk / Cadorna Prestige


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