Gimme! Coffee Leftist Espresso Blend

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Gimme! Coffee Leftist Fair Trade Organic Espresso Blend

By: Gimme! Coffee

Gimme! Leftist is an intense single origin coffee with notes of dark chocolate, cherry, sweet toffee, and a spicy finish with every sip. As a fairtrade, organic coffee, Gimme! Coffee has given special attention to sustainability with Leftist.
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One of Gimme! Coffee's most popular blends, Leftist is a mix of a number of single origin coffees that has been optimized for espresso brewing, but works nicely with other preparation methods as well. It has been called intense, flavorful, viscous, and complex. It has a bright flavor that cuts through milk quite nicely, giving your palate something to ponder. Leftist is unique among Gimme! Coffees as it is constantly being updated and changed, so its exact origins can be inquired about through Gimme! Coffee directly.

Sold in 12oz Bags of Whole Bean Coffee


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