Handpresso Auto Capsule Set

The Handpresso Auto Capsule Set was made for espresso lovers on the go. Equipped with the tools to pull a flavorful shot of espresso, this set gives you everything you’ll need to be your own barista on the road.

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Owning the Handpresso Auto Capsule Set

The Handpresso Auto Capsule Set was made for espresso lovers on the go. The Handpresso bag can be used as a tray when brewing your espresso and can fit your Nespresso pods, spoons, sugar and two small espresso glasses. This portable espresso maker pulls 50ml of flavorful espresso in 2 and a half minutes and is powered with 12/24 volts in any vehicle.The Handpresso Auto Capsule is lightweight fitting snug in the hand and into your cup holder making it perfect for travelers who want to pack light and get their kick of caffeine while on the road.

To pull a shot of espresso, plug your Auto Capsule into the DC power adapter of your vehicle, fill the capsule with about 50ml of water or until the light on top of the capsule turns green. You’ll then put in your favorite Nespresso pod, place the cap on securely and power on the machine. The Handpresso Auto Capsule is equipped with a progress percentage screen showing you when the water is done heating. From there, invert the capsule and press the brew button to pour into your glass or mug, and you’ve got a quick way to enjoy your espresso on the road.

The Handpresso Auto Capsule Set is a great option for travelers to have everything you need in this complete package. Espresso lovers will love the convenience of preparing their coffee on the go and won’t need to worry about settling for gas station coffee.


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