Handpresso Auto Hybrid

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Owning the Handpresso Auto Hybrid

Redesigned with greater flexibility for brewing your favorite espresso, the innovative Handpresso Auto Hybrid represents the natural evolution of the espresso machine for your car. As you might have guessed, the Hybrid offers the ability to brew using both ESE pods and ground coffee, similar to the Handpresso Wild Hybrid. The dual functionality comes from the integrated domepod adapter that uses Handpresso’s Domepod system. To brew, simply add water and your preferred style of coffee (ESE pod or pre-ground domepod). Press the brew button to extract fresh espresso. You’ll hear three beeps. Upon the last beep, your espresso is complete. To the other side of the on button is a stop button that will let you halt the extraction process. This smart espresso maker is also equipped with a safety mechanism that will prevent the brew button from being activated if the device is not turned over and in the proper position to dispense espresso. When not in use, the power cord can be wrapped around the Handpresso Auto and held in place for easy storage.

Back and better than ever, the Handpresso Auto is “the” espresso machine for your car. Simply plug it into the cigarette lighter and enjoy freshly brewed espresso right from your car. The Handpresso Auto offers you the option to brew using either pre-ground coffee or E.S.E. (easy serve espresso) pods. This robust hybrid system offers you the freedom to brew your favorite espresso wherever you go. The Handpresso Auto is also compatible with the Domepod Case for easy storage and transport of pre-prepared domepods.


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