Illy Monoarabica Single-Origin Coffee - Guatemala

By Illy

Illy Monoarabica Single-Origin Coffee - Guatemala

By Illy

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Illy MonoarabicaTM Guatemala – Huehuetenango

Single-origin coffee is a complex medium bodied, medium roast coffee with notes of chocolate, caramel and honey.


Rising high above sea level, the pristine mountains of Huehuetenango in Guatemala are as remote as they are beautiful. Here warm winds from Mexico neutralize the cold of the 6,500-foot altitude, providing perfect growing conditions in the shade of the Maya forest—producing one of the world’s finest growing regions.

Taste and Aroma

The rare combination of altitude, warmth, and shade found in Huehuetenango gives this coffee its balanced sweetness, and range of tastes and aromas including chocolate, caramel, honey and citrus. The result is a supremely enjoyable coffee experience.

From the Taster's Notes

Characterized by a sweet and aromatic organoleptic profile, this Arabica variety is recognizable by its distinct sweetness and balance. It is enriched by a range of aromas, among which the chocolate, caramel, citruses and honey notes stand out.


Selection of Strictly Hard Beans (SHB grown above 4000 feet) prepared for Illy with zero defects, processed via the washed method.

Available in 8.8oz tins of Whole Bean Coffee.


Property Value
Acidity Medium
Arabica/Robusta Ratio 100/00
Caffeine Content Regular
Elevation (ft.) 2000 - 7200
Flavor Family Caramel,Chocolaty
Coffee Filter Compatibility Paper (Cone)
Flavor Notes Caramel, Chocolate, Honey, Citrus Fruit
Origin Guatemala
Other Attributes Direct Trade,Estate Grown
Packaging Tin
Recommended Brew Methods All
Processing Method Multiple
Roast Profile Medium
Package Size 8.8oz (250g)
Single Origin Yes
Coffee Type Whole Bean
Roasted In Italy