Joe Bean Guatemala La Revuelta

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Joe Bean Guatemala Finca La Florida

By: Joe Bean

Originally presented to Joe Bean by Christian Starry of the Truth Trading Company, they were so impressed by the Guatemala Finca la Florida when they cupped it that they knew they would need to add it to their lineup. Finca la Florida is bursting with full fruit flavor. Lightly roasted, this coffee balances fruitine...
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Joe Bean's Guatemala La Revuelta is a unique coffee with an even more unique origin story. Its namesake, the La Revuelta farm was originally known for growing cacti that were used for natural clothing dye. In 1995 all of that changed when the farm transitioned to coffee and 4th generation family farmer Christian Starry was inspired to create the Truth Trading Company.

Guatemala La Revuelta is a light roasted, natural process coffee that produces a predominantly chocolaty cup that is accentuated with fruity notes like strawberry and cherry, and also by more traditional cacao and hazelnut. This coffee can be enjoyed via any brew method, so we encourage you to drink it however you like.

Sold in 12oz Bags of Whole Bean Coffee


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