Joe Bean Kenya AA Gachirago

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Joe Bean Espresso Blend

By: Joe Bean

Developed in collaboration between Joe Bean and Whole Latte Love, the exclusive Espresso Blend combines coffees from Peru and Colombia. Single-origin beans from the Peruvian Freddy Bermeo farm meet community sourced Colombian Azahar for a blend with notes of cherry, peach, caramel, and chocolate. Roasted locally in ...
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Processed at the Gachirago Wasshing Station in Kiambu, Joe Bean’s Kenya Gachirago is a juicy AA microlot mix of SL-28 and SL-34 varietals. Fully washed, this coffee features the characteristic cherry brightness that Kenyan coffees are known for. The cup is rounded out by a grape candy sweetness with black tea notes and a lemon blossom finish and truly shines as espresso.

Sold in 12oz Bags of Whole Bean Coffee


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