JURA Automatic Milk Frother

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JURA Glass Milk Container


Complete Your Set-Up with the JURA Glass Milk Container Made from high quality flavor-neutral materials, the Glass Milk Container is an elegant and practical accessory to accompany JURA’s espresso machines with milk systems. The container can hold up to 16.7oz of milk and is labeled with a "Max" line to prevent over...
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Cool Control 34 oz.


JURA Cool Control 34 oz. Overview The JURA Cool Control 34 oz. offers a clean and innovative 36.8 oz milk cooler that keeps milk at a chilled 39ºF for perfect coffee specialties. With this iteration, JURA designed the Cool Control 34 oz. to be sleek, with a clear focus on ingenuity and hygiene. The Cool Control 34 ...
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Complete Your Set-Up with the JURA Automatic Milk Frother

Create creamy froth for your favorite drinks at the push of a button with the JURA Automatic Milk Frother. You can froth up to 8 oz of milk in the removable stainless steel pitcher. The frother also includes a specialized disk which can heat your milk without frothing it. The illuminated controls are easy to use and there are three temperature settings (cold, warm, and hot) to choose from. Choose between hot, warm, and cold frothing to ensure that your milk is the correct temperature for your beverage. The JURA Automatic Milk Frother comes with 2 frothing disks as well as a specialized heating disk that strictly warms your milk.


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