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Krups FL700D51 Electric Glass Carafe Tea Maker

By: Krups
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The Krups FL700D51 Electronic Tea Maker is a marriage of electronic technology and a proven time-honored tea making process. It is constructed of premium German Schott Duran glass, brushed and polished stainless-steel, aluminum and plastic with silicone seals. It is an attractive appliance that can be left on your serving counter for all to view. The cordless carafe sits on the power base and can lifted on and off the base from any direction. The convenience of a cordless carafe lets you brew in the kitchen and then take the carafe anywhere to serve your guests, the patio, dining room, den, wherever. The power base has a 1500W heating element that assures rapid heat up of the water in the glass carafe. A temperature probe in the carafe senses water temperature and adjusts the power accordingly to achieve the pre-programmed temperature you have selected. There are 4 pre-programmed temperature settings, (176°F,196°F,203°F,212°F), and a keep-warm setting of 167°F that shuts off after 1 hour for safety.

The Krups FL700D51 Electronic Tea Maker has  a Patent-pending 2-piece elevator-style filter for perfect tea every time from www.wholelattelove.com.

Tea drinkers know that different types of tea brew best at select temperatures and dwell times. The Krups FL700D51 Electronic Tea Maker gives you the precise control to achieve tea-brewing Nirvana. A unique Patent-pending 2-piece elevator-style filter holds your tea at ready just above the water in the inner filter basket until the proper brewing temperature you pre-selected is achieved. Once the water is at brew temperature you then twist the filter cover to lower the inner filter full of tea into the water for steeping. This way you never over-extract your tea while the brew water is reaching proper temperature. When the tea has steeped for the appropriate dwell time you then remove the complete filter assembly and pop on the included kettle lid to keep your tea at serving temperature.


Tea Type

Temperature ° F

Brewing Time Minutes



4 to 6



2 to 4



1 to 3


194 to 203

5 to 7



4 to 6



3 to 5



2 to 6

  • Removable 2-piece tea filter for maximum infusion
  • Durable and stain resistant German made Schott Duran glass kettle
  • Die-cast aluminum base
  • Carafe capacity: 1L
  • 4 temperature settings (176°F,196°F,203°F,212°F), plus a keep-warm of 167°F
  • Includes a separate carafe lid
  • Power: 120V 1500W
  • 2 year manufacturer’s warranty
  • Country of origin: China



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