Lavazza Espresso Point Machine

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The Lavazza Espresso Point gets right to the point of brewing: delicious espresso that you can enjoy in a matter of moments. The Point uses only convenient pre-packaged cartridges that are uniquely designed for use with this Lavazza machine, allowing you to make a shot of espresso without the mess. Each small plastic cartridge is filled with a special blend of Lavazza coffee that will produce great crema and a high quality taste, no grinding, dosing, or tamping needed. There is also a selection of tea, hot chocolate, and even consommé available for use with the machine as well. Please note that the Point is only compatible with these cartridges, not ESE pods.

This Lavazza machine shines in chrome-plated stainless steel housing with brass accents. Its compact size makes it easy to fit on most kitchen counters, and the water tank, with a capacity of up to 3 liters, is accessible from the top of the machine. The Point also features a swiveling steam wand that’s perfect for making cappuccinos and lattes.

Features & Benefits: Coffee

Easy-to-Use Cartridges

The Lavazza Espresso Point offers the ultimate in mess-free production of espresso, tea, hot chocolate, and soup. Simply open the door on the front of the machine, place a plastic cartridge in the slot, and close the door. The door will snap the cartridge into place in the machine for proper brewing. When you put a new cartridge in, the spent cartridge will be automatically pushed into the waiting dump drawer on the bottom of the machine.

Coffee Size Options

With the Lavazza Espresso Point, you can brew manually, or use the pre-set coffee size buttons. On the far right of the Point’s control panel, there are 3 buttons for large, medium, and small coffees. To the left of the small coffee button is the manual dispensing button. When you select a button, the green light next to it will illuminate. If you want to stop the flow of water at any point during pre-set or manual brewing, just press the stop button on the left of the control panel.

Simple Controls

The controls on this Lavazza machine are very straightforward. Press 1 of the 4 coffee buttons to start dispensing and the Point machine will stop automatically when the pre-set quantity is reached. And, dispensing hot water and steam through the steam wand is controlled by a button as well. When in use, a green light will appear next to each button and the power can be turned on and off using the rocker switch on the back of the machine.

Features & Benefits: Frothing & Hot Water

Hot Water Dispenser

If you want to make tea, hot chocolate, or instant soups that aren’t available in a convenient cartridge, you can use the hot water dispenser on the Lavazza Espresso Point. Hot water is dispensed from the end of the steam wand, and because the wand swivels in and out, you can use a variety of cup sizes.

Steam Wand

The Lavazza Espresso Point’s pivoting steam wand provides clearance for milk pitchers, giving you lots of elbow room while you steam and froth. Made of the same chrome-plated stainless steel as the rest of the machine, this wand is easy to clean and maintain.

Features & Benefits: Care, Maintenance & Other

Water Reservoir

This Lavazza machine has a 3-liter reservoir, meaning you’ll have plenty of time between refills. When it’s running low on water, a light will illuminate on the left of the Point’s control panel. The top panel of the machine can be taken off and the reservoir easily removed for cleaning.

Removable Cartridge Drawer

Every time you put in a new cartridge to be brewed, the previous cartridge is automatically pushed into the dump drawer. This drawer, located on the bottom of the Lavazza Espresso Point, can hold up to 30 spent cartridges and can be pulled out and easily cleaned with warm water, non-abrasive solvent, and a sponge.

Housing Construction

The Lavazza Espresso Point has chrome-plated stainless steel with brass accents. A lit cup tray also enhances this elegant and stylish design and subtle green indicator lights on the control panel. The elegant housing is simple to keep clean with just a few wipes with a soft, damp cloth.


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