Ron Arad illy Art Collection Espresso Cups (Set of 6)

Ron Arad illy Art Collection Espresso Cups (Set of 6)

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Edex Arlecchino 6 Espresso Cup Set 2oz from Whole Latte Love

By: Ancap

Complete Your Set-Up with the Edex Arlecchino 6 Espresso Cup Set A set of six uniquely designed Ancap Edex espresso cups. Each cup features a distinct and colorful design that are a delight to behold. Holds 2oz, made of quality porcelain with pinchable handles.   Saucers sold separately
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illy’s 25+ year journey to highlight artists and coffee takes an abstract and charmingly realistic direction with Ron Arad’s new design. Colorful, flowing silk illustration wraps around the canvas of illy’s famous porcelain espresso cup to embody the company’s longtime commitment to the beauty of coffee through both function and style.

Sold as a set of six 3 oz espresso cups.

These classic cups with an artistic twist are dishwasher safe.