Tassimo T-Disc Corner Coffee House Sweet Vanilla Latte - DISCONTINUED

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Tassimo T-Disc Corner CoffeeHouse Sweet Vanilla Latte is a smooth blend of vanilla, milk and espresso. It is a treat at any time of day.

It comes packed with 8 Vanilla Espresso T DISCS and 8 milk creamer T DISCS, you use one of each for every 11oz latte. Enjoy!

How to:

  • Place your Medium (11 fl oz) cup on the cup stand.

  • Shake the Milk Creamer T DISC and insert it into the brewer. When the green Auto light comes on, press the button.

  • After a moment of brewing, the orange Stand-by light will display. Replace the Creamer T DISC with the Vanilla Flavored Espresso T DISC.
    When the green Auto light comes on, press the button again.

  • Always wait until the orange Stand-by light displays before removing the T DISC


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