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Urnex Cafiza Espresso Machine Cleaner

By: Urnex
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Urnex Cafiza is a formulated powder to remove residue, rancid coffee oils and lime scale deposits from your espresso machine. This product is used to backflush semi-commercial and commercial espresso machines as well as cleaning any metal parts such as screens and filter baskets. This product is not a decalcifier and should not be dissolved in a reservoir or put through a boiler. The 20 oz bottle should last you more than a year.


Product Detail

Cafiza Espresso Machine Cleaner is a must have to keep your espresso machine running smoothly. This concentrated formula is designed for daily backflushing. It provides maximum solubility and cleaning power and rinses away easily.

  • Special formula thoroughly cleans group heads, valves and lines
  • NSF certified for metal compatibility and safety
  • Designed for use with a variety of espresso machines
  • Can also be used to clean screens, filter baskets and portafilters by soaking these components in a solution of Cafiza Cleaner and water.


spark asked:

Can I backflush Gaggia Baby twin with this product? If yes, I use the machine 3-5 times a week. 
How often or when do i need to do perform backflush? Does group head need to be cleaned and maintained separately from backflushing?


Answer by Sanfam:

Should you opt to backflush a Baby Twin, this would be your go-to solution!  In general, backflushing should reduce the need to dismantle and clean the group head, but won't eliminate it.  With a weekly (or twice-monthly, even) backflush, I'd suggest cleaning it once every six months at the worst, more frequently if necessary.  

Steve asked:

Do I need a solid portofilter to use this product?

Answer by ShaneAncefsky-Sales:

Hi Steve,
I am taking a stab at what is meant by a solid portafilter. You would need a backflush disc for the portafilter to use this product.
(Backflush Disc- Basket without holes)

Steve asked:

Do you need a closed portofilter to backflush with Caffiza? I have a single shot for a Gazzia RED.

Answer by mjackson:

Yes you need to get a backflush disk like this one -[ http://www.wholelattelove.com/Rancilio/rancilio-espresso-machine-blind-filter-basket-and-backflush-disc.cfm?. You alos need to be sure to read this as well. http://www.wholelattelove.com/articles/backflushing_an_espresso_machine.cfm

CosmoC asked:

Is this cleaner recommended for the Gaggia Classic? Is backflush actually recommended for the Classic?

Answer by Sanfam:

While Gaggia does not recommend backflushing the classic, the 3-way solenoid it uses allows this to be done. Should you want to backflush the machine, Cafiza is the right product for the job!


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