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Varia Pro Brewer

By Varia

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The Varia Pro Brewer is an SCA award winning multi-brew device that combines a moka pot, French Press, and pourover cone into one of the most simple yet sophisticated brewing devices ever made.

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The Varia PRO Brewer

If you like good coffee, and want to explore the myriad ways we’ve imagined for brewing it, you’re going to absolutely LOVE the Varia PRO Brewer. This device is a Moka pot, a French press, a pour-over coffee brewer, a cold brew coffee maker, and a stovetop kettle all in one attractive, compact package—it takes up less counter space than most drip coffee machines. 

Features & Benefits

The Varia PRO Brewer is a true shapeshifter, switching easily between functioning as a French press, a Moka pot, and a pour-over brewer. This durable brewer is made of stainless steel, space-grade aluminum alloy, BPA-free composite plastics, and food-grade silicone, all of which are easy to clean and maintain—simply rinse each component thoroughly after brewing and let dry. (NOTE: none of the PRO brewer’s components are dishwasher safe.)

The French press uses a 60mm filter disc with 0.3mm holes that can be combined with included paper filters for an unbelievably clean cup of coffee. The Moka pot features a completely sealed brew chamber, which results in a higher brew pressure and more consistent saturation of the puck, so you get deeper, richer extractions. The pour-over cone has a spiral ribbing pattern designed to optimize the flow rate of water as it moves through the coffee. 

The PRO brewer comes packaged in a convenient easy-carry case that protects it and makes it easy to pack for travel.

As a Moka pot, the PRO brewer is compatible with induction, gas, electric, and ceramic stoves.  

Why You Should Get It

If you love coffee of all kinds and aren’t ready to commit to a single style of preparation, the Varia PRO Brewer is going to spark a lot of joy for you. Its ability to seamlessly shift between French press, Moka pot, and pour-over cone means you’ll be able to chase your coffee bliss wherever it happens to lead you on any given day. And, because it packs away neatly into its handy carrying case, it’s the perfect companion for the coffee enthusiast on the go.

What’s in the Box?

Inside the handy protective carrying case, you’ll find all the components you need to brew a delicious cup of coffee, using whatever preparation you prefer. The brewer comes assembled as a French press, with the components necessary to transform it into a moka pot or pourover brewer handily accessible. 

You also get 50 each of V-02 filter cones for pour over brewing and 60mm disc filters for the French press, as well as a full set of replacement seals. 

The instruction manual has easy-to-understand, full-color-illustrated instructions for each brewing method, as well as recipes including coffee to water ratios, recommended grind size for each preparation, and recommended brew times. 

  • French Press

    The PRO brewer’s French Press features a precision-crafted filter screen that uses both steel and paper filters to produce smooth coffee with virtually no grit. It can also be used to prepare cold brew.

  • Moka Pot

    The PRO brewer’s Moka pot has a completely sealed brew chamber, which means a higher brew pressure and more consistent saturation of the coffee puck, resulting in deeper, more rich extraction, perfect for experiencing the full flavors of specialty & single-origin coffees.

  • Pour-over Cone

    The updated pourover cone has a spiral ribbing pattern designed to optimize the flow rate of water as it saturates the grounds in the cone, resulting in a more thorough extraction that will better highlight subtle tasting notes in specialty coffees.

  • Easy Carry

    The Varia PRO Brewer travels easy—just pack it into the included travel case and it’s ready to go.



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