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Carraro Tazza D'Oro Decaf

By: Caffe Carraro

Carraro Tazza D'Oro Decaf, available in a 1.1 lb bag of premium gourmet coffee beans, is a decaffeinated 90/10 Arabica and Robusta blend originating from Brazil, Central America and Africa that makes for wonderful espresso. This Italian, medium roast blend with balanced acidity and a light body provides honey and ca...
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Maromas Fine & Free Whole Bean Decaf Espresso

By: Maromas Coffees

The Fine & Free blend is composed of 100% Arabica beans, which have undergone decaffeination. Maromas is using a most safe and gentle procedure. Before roasting the green beans are processed with an organic solvent that completely evaporates above 40 degrees Celsius and therefore the roasting process makes sure ...
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Reflection is a rich, full-bodied blend of Indonesian, African, and Central American coffees that create a well-rounded espresso. This superbly balanced and sweet decaf espresso has hints of chocolate and caramel with a pronounced fruity undertone. Reflection also has a light, delicious aftertaste, allowing you to enjoy all the flavor of a caffeinated blend without the buzz.

Sold in 1lb bags of Whole Bean Espresso

Know Your Bean

Body (light, medium, full)

Body is the distinct texture and thickness of a beverage that defines how it feels when it sits on your tongue, sometimes referred to as mouthfeel. For example, hot chocolate has an extremely full body, while a beverage such as iced tea has a very light body. When it comes to coffee, the level of roasting plays a vital role in determining body: dark roasts are fuller while lighter roasts tend to have a light or medium body. As a medium-dark roast, Reflection has a full-bodied, even syrupy feel that rolls across the tongue.

Acidity (smooth, balanced, bright)

Acidity is marked by the tangy sensation it creates on the back and sides of the tongue. For example, a tart citrus fruit has an extremely bright acidity, while more mild fruits would have less acidity, making them balanced like an apple, or smooth like a banana. Acidity is perhaps the most striking flavor characteristic in a cup of coffee, and darker roasts tend to have a smoother taste. Reflection’s mostly smooth acidity is complemented by a bright, fruity undertone in the finish.

Roast (light, medium, dark)

Every coffee requires its own type of roast to capture the best aroma and flavor, so finding the right roast is as much a science as an art. Each variety of coffee bean is microbatch-roasted separately, then combined to create Reflection. Microbatch-roasting guarantees that the beans are not over-roasted and never burnt, so every cup you drink will be rich with the peak flavors of the coffee. Reflection has been carefully roasted dark enough to bring out all of the flavors of the beans.


This 100% Arabica blend combines outstanding beans from Indonesia, Africa, and Central America.

Caffeine content

We measured the caffeine content for all of our blends. For a typical single shot of espresso, we used 7 grams of ground coffee. Reflection contains 1.47 milligrams in a 1.5 oz shot of espresso.

World Ranking

Reflection combines some of the finest quality beans in the world, all ranked in the top 20.

Perfect Pairings and Uses

Like Buzzopolis, Reflection is great with desserts, but without the caffeine. So, if you don’t want to stay up all night debating the ending of the best-selling novel you just finished, then it’s time for Reflection. Naturally decaffeinated, but with all of the flavor, Reflection is an excellent co-star to the sweets of the evening.


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