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Whole Latte Love Signature Coffee Sampler

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Package Includes
1x Whole Latte Love Buzzopolis Whole Bean Espresso $13.95
1x Whole Latte Love Reflection Decaf Whole Bean Espresso $9.99
1x Whole Latte Love Unconditional Decaf Whole Bean Coffee $9.99
1x Whole Latte Love Ethereal Whole Bean Coffee $9.99
Value: $43.92



Enjoy a wide selection of our Signature Whole Bean Blends for espresso and drip coffee with the Whole Latte Love Coffee Sampler. Our trademark blends feature the most sought-after beans from around the world and are fresh-roasted to bring out the best flavors in every bean. For espresso-lovers, we’ve included 1lb of Buzzopolis dark-roasted espresso and 1lb of Reflection decaffeinated dark-roasted espresso. And, for drip coffee-lovers, the Whole Latte Love Coffee Sampler includes 1lb of Ethereal dark-roasted drip coffee and 1lb of Unconditional dark-roasted decaffeinated drip coffee.



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