Whole Latte Love Signature Espresso Sampler

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Whole Latte Love Crema Wave Whole Bean Espresso

By: Whole Latte Love

Tested in our favorite machines, Whole Latte Love Crema Wave is a delicious 100% Arabica blend medium roast coffee with sweet notes of almond and honey.
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Now you can try all 3 of our Signature Whole Bean Espresso Blends with the Whole Latte Love Espresso Sampler. All of our trademark blends are created for espresso-lovers that have been searching for that something special, with rich, complex flavors and aromas unlike any other. The Whole Latte Love Espresso Sampler includes 1 lb of our signature dark roast, Buzzopolis, 1 lb of our light roast, Monaco and 1 lb of our decaffeinated dark roast, Reflection.


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