Yama Halogen Beam Heater - Single Station

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Complete Your Set-Up with the Yama Halogen Beam Heater

Yama’s Halogen Beam Heater is an elegant and energy efficient heating solution for Yama siphon coffee brewers. The black and gold construction lend the heater a sleek appearance, complemented by the simple dial that controls the heat output. The heating surface where your siphon rests has been updated by Yama to prevent scratches and minimize their appearance. Each beam heater ships with one extra bulb included.

An Important Note About Halogen Bulbs: Take care when handling the halogen light bulb used in your beam heater. Oils from your fingertips can contaminate the bulb’s quartz envelope, this can lead to cracks, fractures, or other damage that shortens the bulb’s lifespan.


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