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969.Coffee Elba 3 Espresso Machine

By: 969.coffee
969.Coffee Elba 3 Espresso Machine
969.Coffee Elba 3 Espresso Machine 969.Coffee Elba 3 Espresso Machine 969.Coffee Elba 3 Espresso Machine 969.Coffee Elba 3 Espresso Machine 969.Coffee Elba 3 Espresso Machine 969.Coffee Elba 3 Espresso Machine
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969.Coffee Elba 3 Espresso Machine
969.Coffee Elba 3 Espresso Machine

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    969.Coffee’s Elba 3 is their premier heat exchange espresso machine. Eschewing the hot water wand traditionally found on these types of machines, the Elba is considerably more narrow than most machines in its class with a width just over 9”. Perhaps the most unique feature are the six legs that support the body and the drip tray. The extra two legs allow you to completely remove the tray for easy cleaning, or to fit super tall cups under the brew spouts.

    Additional innovations include the Elba3’s unique “on-rails” cup tray that slides forward so you can refill the water reservoir without removing your cups. There’s also an OPV accessible from the back of the machine which allows you to adjust the brew pressure at the group. Rounding out the package are tasteful wood accents on the brew lever, steam knob and the portafilter for a truly elegant machine.

    Slim Profile

    At just over 9” wide, the Elba is one of the slimmest heat exchanger espresso machines we’ve seen. By excluding a hot water wand, the Elba is able to save space without sacrificing brewing or frothing performance.

    E61 Brew Group

    Made from chrome-plated brass, the legendary E61 brew group uses a thermosyphon system to ensure temperature stability while brewing. By circulating water from the boiler to the group, it ensures that heat isn’t lost when the water reaches the portafilter.

    1.5 Liter Insulated Copper Boiler

    Brewing and steaming are handled by a 1.5 liter insulated copper heat exchange boiler. A constant supply of steam and hot water allow you to brew espresso and froth milk simultaneously. The gauge on the top right of the machine allows you to keep an eye on steam pressure while frothing.

    Wood Accents

    For added elegance, the brew lever, steam knob, and portafilter handles are made with high quality wood instead of the usual plastic.

    Fully Detachable Drip Tray

    The Elba’s unique design has the machine supported by six legs instead of the typical four. As a result, the drip tray can be completely removed for easier cleaning. You can also fit incredibly tall cups under the brew spouts as long as you put something beneath the solenoid valve.

    On-Rails Cup Tray

    Don’t lift your cup tray, slide it. The innovative on-rails cup tray allows you to slide the lid forward to fill your water reservoir without removing it. This clever design means that you don’t have to clear off your cups when the time comes to refill your machine.

    Adjustable OPV and Dual Pressure Gauge

    Accessible from the back of the machine, the OPV can be used to modify pressure at the brew group. The Elba3’s pressure gauge monitors both brew and steam pressure so you can get immediate feedback when making adjustments.

    Anti-Flood Protection

    The automatic shut-off cuts the pump after the brew lever has been engaged for 90 seconds to prevent flooding. When this occurs, the orange light on the front of the machine will blink repeatedly.

    Low Water Detection

    If the pump runs for more than three minutes and is unable to fill the boiler, the orange light on the front of the machine will illuminate and the pump will stop. To restart the machine, simply turn it off, fill the reservoir with water, and turn it back on again.


    Product Specifications

    Depth (Inches):
    Width (Inches):
    Height (Inches):
    Weight (Lbs):
    110V-120V (US)
    Power Cord Storage:
    Recommended Application:
    Home / Residential
    NSF Certified:
    Housing Material:
    Stainless Steel
    Housing Color:
    Stainless Steel
    Frame Material:
    Drip Tray Material:
    Stainless Steel
    Removable Drip Tray:
    Drip Tray Capacity (oz):
    Drip Tray Cover Material:
    Stainless Steel
    Water Reservoir Material:
    Water Reservoir Access Location:
    Water Reservoir Capacity:
    Adjustable Cup Height:
    Drain Line Adaptable (Plumbable):
    Cup Warmer:
    Passively Heated
    Cup Warmer Material:
    Stainless Steel
    Cup Warmer Size (L-in x W-in):
    9.5 x 9.0
    Type of Controls:
    Controls and Additional Features:
    Pressure Gauge(s)
    Display Type:
    Indicator Lights
    Pressure Gauges:
    Brew Circuit, Steam Boiler
    Foot/Leg Height (inches):
    Tall Legs:
    Boiler Configuration:
    Heat-Exchanger Preheated
    Number of Boilers:
    Boiler Features:
    Rapid Steam, Brew & Steam Simultaneously
    Brew Boiler Type:
    Heat Exchanger
    Brew Boiler Wattage:
    Brew Boiler Material:
    Brew Boiler Volume (Oz):
    Brew Boiler Orientation:
    Brew Boiler Auto-Fill:
    Brew Boiler Insulation:
    Steam Boiler Material:
    Steam Boiler Insulation:
    Steam Boiler Auto-Fill:
    Steam Boiler Vacuum Relief Valve:
    Steam Wand:
    Commercial Style
    Steam Wand Material:
    Stainless Steel
    Steam Wand Movement Type:
    Fully Articulated
    Steam Wand Features:
    Insulated Grip
    Brew Group Type:
    Brew Group Material:
    Chrome Plated Brass
    Brew Group Size (mm):
    58 mm
    Three-Way Valve:
    Back Flush Capable:
    Pump Type:
    Vibration Pump
    Self-Priming Pump:
    Air Remover:
    Adjustable Brew Pressure:
    Filter Diameter (mm):
    Portafilter Material:
    Chrome Plated Brass
    Portafilter Handle Material:
    Number of Portafilters Included:
    Portafilter Weight (lbs):
    Ground, E.S.E., Pod and Capsule Compatibility:
    Ground Coffee
    Portafilter Baskets Included:
    Single, Double
    Portafilter Type:
    Commercial Style
    Bottomless Portafilter Available:
    Maintenance Alerts:
    Recommended Descaler Type:
    Durgol Swiss Espresso Descaler
    Recommended Water Filter:
    BWT Bestsave M Anti Scale Filter
    Water Filter Included:
    Can Be Backflushed:
    Recommended Backflush / Brew Circuit Cleaner:
    Urnex Cafiza
    Manufacturers Warranty Period:
    3-Year Parts and Labor Warranty
    Warranty Service Provider:
    Whole Latte Love
    Warranty Service Provider Email: