969.Coffee Elba 3 Espresso Machine

The Elba 3 looks snazzy and slim with its dressed up wood elements and 9” width. This heat exchange machine can brew and steam simultaneously, boasts a temperature stable E61 group, easily adjustable OPV, and a fully removable drip tray for quick clean up.

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Owning the 969.Coffee Elba 3

969.Coffee’s premier heat exchange espresso machine, the Elba 3, is a step up from its sister machine the Elba 1. They share many of the same components, however the Elba 3 features wooden accents on the steam knob, brew lever and portafilter handle, in place of plastic, as well as a few other great design elements. Like the Elba 1, the Elba 3 features an E61 group head, which syphons hot water from the boiler through the group and back to ensure temperature stability, and, also like the Elba 1, it requires a cooling flush between steaming and brewing or after long periods between brews. They share the same body style, at just 9” wide, and the Elba 3 also forgoes the dedicated hot water wand, though you can still access hot water through the group. Speaking of water, its reservoir can be accessed by sliding the on-rails cup tray back to reveal the reservoir for easy filling. The Elba 3’s unique six-legged design allows the drip tray to detach from the machine for easy cleaning, super tall cup brewing, or for it to be stowed away between uses. We really love this feature and applaud 969.Coffee for packing so much functionality into an already compact machine.

The Elba’s share the same large 1.5 L boiler and 1500 watt power, which makes for really intense steam pressure. New to the Elba 3 is the accessible OPV on the back of the machine, which allows you to modify the pressure at the brew group. The upgraded dual needle gauge reflects both the steam and brew pressures for at-a-glance reference, and immediate confirmation of pressure adjustments. Just like on the Elba 1, the Elba 3 has safety measures in place to ensure machine reliability. Anti-flood protection cuts the pump after the brew lever has been depressed for 90 seconds to prevent flooding; and low water detection ensures that if the pump runs for more than three minutes but is unable to fill the boiler, it automatically shuts down. These safety features combined with 969.Coffee’s thoughtful design results in a dependable machine that will be your loyal espresso slinger for years to come. If you like the Elba 3 but would prefer a more traditional stainless look, the Elba 1 is an excellent alternative.

Heat-Exchange Boiler

Brewing and steaming are handled by a 1.5 liter copper heat exchange boiler. At 1500 watts, it's one of the most powerful we've seen on a machine of this size. For improved frothing performance, the gauge on the top right of the machine allows you to keep an eye on steam pressure when preparing milk beverages.


Heat-Exchange Boiler

E61 Group Head

Made from chrome-plated brass, the legendary E61 brew group uses a thermosyphon system to ensure temperature stability while brewing. By circulating water from the boiler to the group, it ensures that heat isn’t lost when the water reaches the portafilter. This makes the Elba 3 more temperature stable, enabling it to deliver great tasting coffee shot after shot.


E61 Group Head

Adjustable OPV and Dual Pressure Gauge

Accessible from the back of the machine, the OPV can be used to modify pressure at the brew group. The Elba 3’s pressure gauge monitors both brew and steam pressure so you can get immediate feedback when making adjustments.


Adjustable OPV and Dual Pressure Gauge

Fully Detachable Drip Tray

The Elba 3’s unique design has the machine supported by six legs instead of the typical four. As a result, the drip tray can be completely removed for easier cleaning. You can also fit incredibly tall cups under the brew spouts as long as you put something beneath the solenoid valve.


Fully Detachable Drip Tray


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