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How to Bundle your Espresso Machine and Grinder, and Save

by Ed McGuire Updated: January 20, 2020 | First Published: November 08, 2019 3 min read

If you're shopping with Whole Latte Love, you should know about our Bundler. It's a system that groups together a bunch of products relevant to the item you're thinking about purchasing, with a special discount on each item you can only find inside the Bundler.

Say you're looking for an espresso machine. By customizing your purchase with the Bundler, you'll find a selection of discounted coffee grinders, care products, water filter options, and coffee. Instead of clicking around the site looking for all the extra things you need or want, the Bundler lets you pick everything in one sweep and head straight to the cart, while saving you a bundle. If you're looking to save money on an espresso machine or grinder, the Bundler is the best and easiest way to do so, and you'll only find it at Whole Latte Love.

So, let's get into how it works.

Bundler buttons.


Imagine you find yourself looking at the Profitec Pro 700 with Flow Control. You're certain this is the purchase you want to make (and you're probably correct for thinking so, it's an excellent machine). First, you click on the "Add to Cart and Customize" button. The Bundler will open up, presenting you your options. It looks like this.


Bundler blog 1.

The top most option will open automatically. In this case, Grinders is already open, defaulting to "None." On the left, you'll see three panels which will display selected products as you choose them. In this case our main consideration, the Pro 700 with Flow Control, appears in the center panel. A brief description of the last item selected also appears below the panels. Certain things are automatically included in a bundle. In the case of the Pro 700 with Flow Control, you'll find an item at the bottom of the list that represents the machine's 3-year Warranty.

At the bottom of your window, you'll find the amount saved by choosing items from the Bundler and the current total of the bundle you've created. At the bottom right is the "Add Bundle to Cart" button, which will do exactly what it says and take you directly to your cart. First, let's explore the Bundler further.
Bundler with grinder added.
Here you'll see we've selected the Ceado E37S Quick Set. Just like that, it appears in the left panel, and we can see a brief description along with an option to view it's product page if we need more info. We can see that the E37S typically costs $1,700, but in the Bundler its cost is reduced to $1,550. By selecting the grinder here, $150 are chopped off the top. If we had gone to the product page for the E37S Quick Set and added it to the cart separately, we would lose out on that discount. With the savings on the grinder alone you could get 20 or so pounds worth of Lavazza Super Crema and not worry about your stock of coffee for a few months.

Next, we'll look at accessories.
Bundler with leveler added.
So, we've opened up the Accessories tab and now we have check boxes. In this case, we can check as many or as few as we want. In the example above, we've selected only the Jack Leveler from Asso Coffee. Like before, it appears in its own panel, and we see a brief description on what it is.

But what if we wanted to change our selection? In that case, we have "Edit" buttons that let you select a different option.
Bundler edit button.
When you're satisfied with the bundle you've created, go ahead and hit the "Add Bundle to Cart" button.
You should see the button change to this:
Bundler checkmark.
Once successful, the button will change into a checkmark and you'll be brought to your cart.
Bundler checkout.
Now that you're at your cart, review your consideration. In this case, our bundle is represented in gray text as sub-items under the Pro 700 with Flow Control. When you're comfortable with your selection, go ahead and continue to checkout.
If you find yourself hesitating, or you're not entirely sure about how to use the Bundler, absolutely give us a call. Our Experts will gladly help you along.
Ed McGuire
Ed McGuire

Ed joined on at Whole Latte Love in 2017 with a particular hatred for bad coffee. We keep him in a room on the other side of the office with a keyboard and an internet connection so he can write about it. He writes and edits product copy, blog posts, scripts, and wiki content in an effort to keep our customers from ever drinking bad coffee again. Ed is afraid of the sun and drinks his coffee black.