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Super crema re style 2014 v2
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Lavazza Super Crema Whole Bean Espresso Coffee

By: Lavazza
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For those who want a robust espresso without the bitter aftertaste. A superior coffee with a thick, rich crema. Made from an 80/20 Arabica/Robusta blend. Available in 2.2lb whole bean bags. You can also purchase cases containing 6 bags. As an alternative to espresso, Lavazza Super Crema can also be used in your drip coffee maker.

Please Note: The packaging for this product has been updated by Lavazza but the coffee is still the same.


Product Detail

For those who want a robust espresso full of strength without the bitter aftertaste. A superior coffee with a thick, rich crema. Made from an 80/20 Arabica/Robusta blend. Available in 1 case (6 - 2.2 lb bags).


Flavor Notes
Aroma Notes: Intense
Taste Notes: Robust smoky sweet, fruity notes
Finish Notes: Hint of hazelnut
Palate Notes: Light-to-medium body
Roast Profile
Roast Profile: Medium
Best For Brewing
Espresso: Yes
Drip & Espresso: Yes
Drip: Yes
Coffee Condition
Whole Bean: Yes
Coffee State
Regular Caffeine: Yes
Coffee Botanical
Species: Arabica & Robusta
Coffee Packaging
Container: Bag
Container Size: 2.2lb
Package: Case
Package Size: 6 of 2.2lb Bags
Coffee Type
Blend: Yes
Coffee Origin
Country of Origin: Brazil, Central America & Indonesia
Where Roasted: Italy
Country Imported From: Italy
Customer Review: 4.6 Stars


Richard asked:

How old is the mfd date and how long is the coffee still good?


Answer by Sanfam:

While I am not able to get any specific dates, all coffee that we sell as new will be within its manufacturer's Best By date.  For Lavazza, their Whole Bean coffees have a two-year shelf life.

Ryan S asked:

What is the recommended grind setting for Lavazza Super Crema when brewing espressos in a Gaggia Accademia?

Any suggestions for water temperature and pre-soak? I like super rich, smooth, and creamy. I'm guessing that means long pre-soak and high temperature, but I'm new to the high end espresso game.


Answer by Sanfam:

In general, Lavazza Super Crema can be run through this machine on a relatively fine grind setting with a medium temperature for best result.  Pre-soak/pre-infusion does not appear to make too much of a difference in the quality of the shots pulled by this coffee, but I've typically found that the shot starts more cleanly with it enabled (less "sputter")

jeaves726 asked:

My wife and I both noticed an oddity about these beans.  We bought the Lavazza 3 bag sample pack and LOVED the Pienaroma. We both slowed our espresso drinking after filling our machine with this bean (Super Crema).  We weren't sure why and kept trying to figure it out.  We finally just decided we didn't like the bean and cleaned out the machine.  After emptying the bean hopper, we realized our issue.  The hopper smelled like an old ash tray.  Another smell of the remaining Super Crema beans clicked in our minds and smelled like cigarette smoke.  I'm assuming this isn't normal and was NOT the case of the Pienaroma.  We replaced the Super Crema with the Gold Selection and have found the same smell/taste is there.  I cleaned out the hopper/grinder and ran about six shots before actually making a latte.  Has anybody else found a cigarette smoky/ashy taste/smell with this bean?  

Answer by Maggie:

That is a very odd circumstance, and not something I have heard before.  If that does occur again, please contact our Customer Service team.

Adam asked:

I'm interested in trying some of the beans sold online here, particularly curious about the Lavazza Super Crema for espresso. But I have a more basic question regarding freshness/shelf life of beans. Many of the articles I've read suggest buying as freshly roasted beans as you can find. So I've been trying to hit my local roasters as soon after their weekly batches are available. So when I see Lavazza sold in 2.2lb bags, and people buying cases do them, I wonder about the freshness. Does their airtight packaging prolong freshness? And how long after opening a 2.2lb do the beans remain fresh (assuming airtight storage in a cool pantry)? Thanks!

Answer by DanielCulver:

I too had this question for a long time. I eventually started buying online, mostly from WLL, and have been quite happy. I think one of the trade-offs is the overall quality and skill of roasting at a premium company with lots of experience versus the sort of ' seat-of-your-pants' approach of your local roaster. That isn't to say all local roasters are bad, rather they lack the experience and resources of a premium roaster, like Lavazza or Filicori Zecchini, and my experience shows it matters.

Answer by HumorInaBottle:

Appreciate the perspective of freshness and to solve the 2.2 pound bag we have found an air tight, dark container that removes air and seals without electronics. I have found Lavazza to be a superb balance with no bitterness which is important for my taste preferences. The crema is truly super with this bean.

Michelle asked:

I have been drinking the Lavazza super crema made in my Jura capresso ENA4. I am looking to try something bolder. Any suggestions?

Answer by bigskinz:

Try Fillicori Forte, and Lavazza Tierra Intenso or Lavazza Pienaroma. You will enjoy these:)

Answer by bigskinz:

I also Love Fillicori Delicato, but similar to Lavazza Super Crema as far as boldness.


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