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A Review of the Ceado E37S Quick Set: A Prosumer-Level Grinder

by Jahasia Cooper Published: November 18, 2019 5 min read

Today we’re getting an in-depth look at Ceado’s NSF-approved E37S Quick Set Grinder. It’s a hugely popular commercial grinder worth marveling over and we’re going to cover what you need to know including specs, touchscreen operations, the quick set gear, the quick set gear upgrade, and test results covering grind speed, dosing accuracy and grind retention, in order to get the best out of your grinder. So, let’s jump right in.


The Ceado E37S Quick Set grinder comes with 83mm flat burrs and a 500-watt motor. The burrs are made to last from fine to coarse settings for any home barista. For the output, Ceado rates it at 5 grams per second in the espresso grind range, we’ll get into our rate a bit later. The speed stacks up at 1400RPM and, for dimensions, the E37S Quick Set stands at 17.25” and weighs 26.5 lbs.

Touchscreen Operations

The Quick Set grinder features an elegant touchscreen display where you can access single and double shot dosing, as well as extra shot dosing. From the main menu, you can program the three timed presets by simply tapping and holding one of the dosing features. From there, you can use the plus or minus buttons to increase or decrease the timed presets.

💡Quick Tip: If you’re curious about how many total shots you’ve done, tap ‘Set’ and the number will pop up on the screen.

Ceado E37S Quick Set detail.If you’re looking to go deeper into the settings, tap and hold the ‘Set’ button, and you can change the timing of the single, double and triple shots, you can set the language (5 languages available), worn burrs alert and resetting the alert (which most home users won’t have to worry about with the 83mm burrs), and set the start button to pulse off, dose with start, and pulse on. There is an extra feature setting where you can turn off the ‘extra shot’. To exit the settings entirely, continue to tap forward through the option until you find the exit button or you can wait for 10 seconds and it will automatically switch back to the main menu. The touchscreen on the E37S Quick Set grinder is very elegant and reactive and makes operating a coffee grinder as easy as it should be.

Quick Set Gear

The Quick Set grinder features a worm gear with a knob giving you the ability to make super-fine adjustments with no effort at all. Baristas love the Quick Set grinder because they’re able to make the tiniest adjustments down to 1/10th of a turn to really find that perfect grind size. Another feature that we love is the graduated ring on the collar, so if you wanted to calibrate your grinder, you could slide the ring around to mark your new zero point. The mechanical advantage of the Quick Set grinder is that you don’t have to lock down the grind size, it’s not going anywhere because the worm gear makes sure that the set grind size stays in place.

Quick set worm gear.

For easy user maintenance, the top plate comes completely off using just 3 screws so it’s super easy to clean inside the grinder. It takes a couple of minutes to unscrew the top, clean the inside, and reassemble the grinder with no hassle, which is something Ceado has stuck with for their grinders, the ease of user maintenance. A bonus tip that we love is when you take it apart, the mechanism that adjusts the position of the burrs is sealed off, so you won’t get any coffee gunk stuck in there. We see in many grinders when you take them apart, you'll see really fine threads in there that get gummed up and the adjustment becomes very difficult, you’re not going to get that with the Quick set grinder, which is a plus.

Quick Set Gear Upgrade

So the E37S has been around for a couple of years now and the Quick Set gear version is relatively new, but the upgrade kit is available if you already have an E37S. There are some older E37S’ that cannot accept the gear upgrade, however, a quick way to tell if your grinder can accept the worm gear upgrade is to take a look at the serial number, if it starts with an F, G or H, then it is upgradeable.

Test Results

Let’s go through some test results on grind speed, dosing accuracy, and retention testing. As far as grinding speed, Ceado says that for an espresso size grind, the E37S doses 5 grams per second. So to test this out, we did five grind cycles for 5 seconds each and our average grinding speed came out to 5.16 grams per second, however, that number could vary for depending on coffee and your specific grind size.

For dosing accuracy, we set a timer for 3.3 seconds shooting for an 18-gram dose. We did that five times, weighed the results and we got a maximum variation of 0.2 grams dose to dose so we were really impressed.

To test the grind retention, we ground all of the coffee out of the grinder and ran it a couple of times until we got nothing out of the spout. We opened the grinder and very carefully cleaned any remaining coffee out, weighed it and got 0.56 grams, which is still pretty impressive.

💡Quick Tip: If you’re looking for a single dose grinder that doesn’t retain any coffee grounds, we suggest checking out the E37SD.

That’s our take on the Ceado E37S Quick Set grinder. It’s a high-performing grinder that would pair well with a prosumer machine and a pro-barista. Getting a great cup of espresso starts with a grinder that knows how to perform well and get the perfect grind size every time, and with the super-precise worm gear and touchscreen operations, the Ceado E37S Quick Set grinder won’t disappoint.

Jahasia Cooper
Jahasia Cooper

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