JURA Impressa J90 Espresso Machine - Chrome

The JURA Impressa J90 is a super-automatic espresso machine with one-touch functionality that’s sure to impress. A sure fire way to keep the whole family happily caffeinated, the J90 is a high-performing machine that’s intuitive and reliable, and conveniently cleans up after itself.

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JURA ENA 8 Espresso Machine - White


JURA's remarkable ENA 8 is a compact home espresso machine with a menu of 10 one-touch coffee specialties and an eye-catching asymmetrical design.
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JURA E8 Espresso Machine - White


The improved JURA E8 features a professional fine foam frother to enhance your frothing capabilities for any milk-based drink. Scroll through 12 new drink specialties including hot water for green tea, espresso doppio, and an espresso macchiato while awing at the improved Aroma G3 grinder that’s twice as fast.

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JURA Impressa J90 Overview

The Impressa J90, an update to the earlier J9 model, is an impressive one-touch machine. We love the addition of chrome accents and a glass drip tray, and think they really elevate the design to be in keeping with a more modern kitchen.

Features and Performance

As a one-touch machine, the J90 is capable of brewing up all your favorite espresso and milk-based drinks, such as an espresso, ristretto, long coffee, latte macchiato, and cappuccino. All of these drinks can be customized to your personal preferences, across five strength settings, and two temperature settings, and coffee volume.

JURA’s Fine Foam Frother allows you to adjust milk density with a quick twist of a dial before, or during, brewing. JURA’s integrated Intelligent Pre-Brew Aroma pre-infusion system ensures you get the best possible extraction out of the espresso, and the specially designed Aroma+ Grinder can be fine tuned, or avoided entirely by scooping pre-ground coffee into the bypass doser to brew.

A rotary dial cycles through options on the color, LCD display, allowing you to easily select a drink to personalize or brew. The J90 is as simple to keep clean as it is to brew with. It features a generous 2 liter removable reservoir that can be equipped with a CLEARYL Blue water filter to preserve coffee taste and cut down on scale build up. As on all JURA machines, the cleaning cycles are completely automated, and a warning pops up on the screen to let you know it’s time for a little maintenance.

All you have to do is add the designated cleaner and press start and the J90 cleans its own brew group, milk system or descales the boiler system. For a more modern look and larger capacities, step right up to the JURA Impressa Z9; to save on space, the compact A9 easily slides into any kitchen.

Why You Should Get It

The JURA J90 is a classic automatic espresso machine with essential features sometimes overlooked by other machines. It's adjustable Fine Foam Frother lets you control the density of your milk froth to better suit your preference, and the espresso you'll make can be customized by temperature, strength, and volume. It's an easy machine to use with it's simple push-button interface, and the results are superb.


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