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JURA J8 Super-Automatic Espresso Machine - Piano Black


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The JURA J8 is a robust one-touch super-automatic espresso machine that debuts JURA’s decadent Sweet Foam System which blends flavored syrup with milk while frothing. With an ergonomic touch screen and clever updates to its Aroma Grinder, the J8 offers some of the best in-cup customization from JURA to date.

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JURA J8 Espresso Machine Overview

The JURA J8 is a featureful super-automatic espresso machine that uniquely addresses the overlooked element of brewing flavored coffee drinks at home. Debuting the Sweet Foam System, the J8 delivers the ability to blend flavored syrup and milk during the frothing process, allowing users to craft sweetened milk specialties like your favorite cafe. Coupled with its ergonomic touchscreen for easy brewing and programming, the Coffee EYE, and a new generation of grinder, the J8 Is an exciting addition to the JURA lineup.

Features and Benefits

Crafting delicious flavored drinks like vanilla lattes or caramel flat whites has never been as easy as with the JURA J8. The Sweet Foam System blends syrup with milk to infuse the foam with flavor. Further customization is unlocked via the touchscreen, allowing you to set each drink to your desired strength, volume, temperature and grind. With the new Professional Aroma Grinder 2+, grind size can be adjusted before brewing, allowing you to achieve the perfect extraction for your desired beverage. Customized beverages can be renamed and saved on the three screens with default settings stored in the J8 for easy access.

When brewing drinks the J8 also makes use of the Coffee EYE. Using sensors in the brew spouts the machine detects if your cup is in position for coffee beverages instead of milk drinks and will hide those options from the menu for easier access to your desired drink.

In total the J8 can produce 31 on-demand coffee specialties including:

Espresso, 2x Espresso, Coffee, 2x Coffee, Americano, Lungo, Espresso Doppio, Cortado, Sweet Cortado, Macchiato, Sweet Espresso Macchiato, Caffe Latte, Caffe Latte Extra Shot, Sweet Caffe Latte, Cappuccino, Cappuccino Extra Shot, Sweet Cappuccino, Flat White, Flat White Extra Shot, Sweet Flat White, Latte Macchiato, Latte Macchiato Extra Shot, Sweet Latte Macchiato, Sweet Latte, Sweet Latte Extra Shot, Portion of Milk Foam, Sweet Portion of Milk Foam, Portion of Milk, Sweet Portion of Milk, Hot Water, Hot Water for Green Tea

Why You Should Get It

The J8 is the first and likely not the last super-automatic espresso machine to offer a unique solution for preparing flavored coffee specialties at home. Coupled with JURA’s ergonomic touchscreen interface and an updated grinder for more customization of your coffee extractions, the J8 is a great example of the future of automatic home espresso machines.

  • Sweet Foam System

    The Sweet Foam System is an innovative milk frothing attachment that combines flavored syrups with milk to produce sweetened milk foam for any of the specialty milk beverages on the menu. Unlike simply adding syrup to a drink, the Sweet Foam system blends the syrup into the milk foam for an infused beverage with top-to-bottom flavor. The J8 comes with two reusable sweet foam cartridges that are easy to fill and even easier to clean.

  • Full Color Touchscreen

    JURA’s full color touchscreens are designed to simplify machine operation by making the process of drink selection and programming more seamless. The beverage menu is divided up into three screens of customizable drinks with an additional menu to select factory set beverages. Simply tap a drink icon to brew or press and hold to customize strength, temperature, volume, and grind setting.

  • Coffee EYE

    Designe to ensure proper cup placement when brewing your favorite drinks and to simplify the selection process, the Coffee EYE is an innovative solution that uses sensors to detect whether or not a cup is present underneath the main spouts. When a cup is present, the menu will automatically remove milk drinks, making it easier to find the drink you’re looking for. This also guarantees proper cup placement when preparing milk drinks.

  • Professional Aroma Grinder 2+

    JURA’s Aroma series of grinders are constantly being updated to increase speed, reduce noise, and ensure optimal in-cup results for your espresso. Unique to the J8 and this latest version of the Aroma Grinder clears out any residual coffee from the previous grind cycle, allowing you to adjust the grinder to your desired setting for the next beverage you prepare. This allows you to modify the grind right before you brew, ensuring your perfect extraction.



Property Value
App Connectivity JURA J.O.E.
Number of Boilers 1
Brew Boiler Type Thermoblock
Coffee Dose Quantity (grams/cycle) 5 - 16
Brewing Light Yes
Recommended Application Home / Residential
Display Type Touch Screen
Controls and Additional Features Programmable Beverages
Type of Controls Touch Screen
Adjustable Cup Height Yes
Cup Height (max, inches) 4.4" Coffee / 6" Milk
Cup Height (min, inches) 2.6" Coffee / 4.2" Milk
Drain Line Adaptable (Plumbable) No
Dreg Drawer Capacity (Spent Pucks) 16
Drip Tray Cover Material Stainless Steel
Drip Tray Material Plastic
Removable Drip Tray Yes
Grinder Setting Controls / Adjustment Type Stepped
Grinder Burr Type Conical Steel
Number of Grinders 1
Bean Hopper Capacity (Oz) 9.9oz
Removable Bean Hopper No
Bean Hopper Material Plastic
Property Value
Housing Color Black
Housing Material Plastic
Maintenance Alerts Yes
Recommended Descaler Type JURA Descaling Tablets
Recommended Water Filter CLEARYL Smart
Depth (Inches) 17.6
Height (Inches) 13.7
Weight (Lbs) 22.5
Width (Inches) 12.5
Cappuccino Dispensing Height (inches) 6"
One-Touch Cappuccino Carafe Features Variable Milk Foam Texture
Milk Frother Type JURA HP3 Milk System
Warranty Service Provider JURA
Warranty Service Provider Phone Number 800-220-5701
Manufacturers Warranty Period 2-Year Warranty
Volt 120V
Watts 1450W
Water Reservoir Access Location Side
Water Reservoir Capacity 64 oz
Water Reservoir Features Removable
Water Reservoir Material Plastic
Water Filter Included Yes
Water Source Reservoir

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