JURA Z8 Espresso Machine

The JURA Z8 is the world's first espresso machine to specialize in longer speciality drinks, using a unique brewing method to deliver light, full-bodied coffees. The 4.3" touchscreen makes navigating its 21 total beverages as easy as a touch.

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JURA Z8 Overview

The JURA Z8 offers a new, inventive step forward for super automatic espresso machines. In the last few years alone, it's brought home several accolades, including the German Design Award in 2018 and the iF Design Award in 2017. Like with JURA's other machines, progress is incremental, retaining all of the previous innovations of older machines and adding value on top. This time around, the Z8 offers the full suite of specialties with three added options: caffè Barista, the lungo Barista and the pot of coffee. That last option is of particular interest to us.

Features and Performance

While the Z8 offers the more traditional specialties including, ristretto, espresso, cappuccino, caffè latte, espresso macchiato, latte macchiato, and Flat White, it manages to specialize in making longer, lighter drinks. To that end, JURA implemented a special preparation method that combines coffee with hot water in such a way to properly brew these full-bodied, delicate drinks. For the tea lovers at every office, the Z8 can dispense hot water for green tea or black tea, with different selectable temperatures for both. Plus, the Z8's bypass doser is available for anyone who needs to use pre-ground coffee.

To help navigate the staggering list of specialties and options available to you, the Z8 brings a 4.3" high-resolution color touchscreen. You can browse with a few swipes of your finger, or you can use the rotary switch if that's more comfortable. PEP returns as well, helping develop those crucial flavors in ristretto and espresso. Also returning is Smart Connect, letting you control the Z8 through the free JURA Coffee App. With the Z8, you can expect full one-touch operation for making cappuccinos and other milk drinks without ever moving your cup.

As a finishing touch to an overall wonderful system, the water reservoir is illuminated with an aquatic blue glow, and we just adore that.

Why You Should Get It

The JURA Z8 raises the bar for automatic espresso machines by adding a proper coffee to its drink selection. Its Americano is specially prepared for a more full-bodied coffee with a classic, familiar taste. The touchscreen is elegant and makes the Z8's numerous drinks and menu options a breeze to navigate, or you can use the JOE app to take control with your smart device.

True Americanos

The Z8 offers three new specialties with a special attention to developing their lighter, more delicate flavors. The Caffè Barista, the Americano, and the pot of coffee use a special preparation that blends brewed espresso with hot water, customizable with 10 strength settings, 3 temperature settings, and drink volumes between 1 and 8 oz.


True Americanos

Touchscreen Display

The 4.3" full-color touchscreen display lets you navigate the Z8's incredible array of options with a swipe and a tap of your finger. The touchscreen is easy to use and offers an intuitive way to scroll through everything the Z8 has to offer. For anyone who enjoys more tactile navigation, the rotary switch is available as well.


Touchscreen Display

Smart Connect

The JURA Z8 is Smart Connect compatible, allowing you to take full control of the machine through the free JURA Coffee App on your smartphone or tablet. Just download the app and connect via Bluetooth to control your machine from a distance.


Smart Connect


The JURA Z8 lets you fully customize not only your drinks, but your menu as well. Add or remove drinks from the main menu, name drinks, and program strength, volume, temperature, and more to get the drink of your dreams.




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