The Whole Latte Love Affiliate Program

by Cat DeLaus Updated: March 03, 2022 3 min read

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We at Whole Latte Love are very excited to announce that we’ve officially launched our affiliate program! If you’ve never heard of an affiliate program, it’s a program that allows companies to pair with influencers to promote their products, and in exchange, the influencers get something from the company. In our case, we’re offering a percentage from every sale that happens after someone clicks the unique affiliate link given to our partners.

Wondering if you’re the right fit for Whole Latte Love’s affiliate program? Here’s what you need to know.

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How To Become an Affiliate

In order to be a part of our affiliate program, you’ll need to fill out this application. As an affiliate, you’ll have to post about Whole Latte Love at least three times a month, though the type of post that you create is completely up to you. You’ll have access to exclusive creative content that we create, so you will have new material regularly that you can include in your posts. You’ll also be subscribed to our monthly affiliate newsletter that will include details about new product launches and other exciting information that you can feature in your posts.


When you’re part of our affiliate program, you’ll earn a percentage of the sale every time we sell a product to someone who used your affiliate link. The commission depends on how much the customer spends – if they spend under $4,000, you get a 5% commission, if they spend over $4,000 you get a 3% commission, and if they only buy coffee you get an 18% commission. We are a solely commission-based affiliate program, so there won’t be any upfront payouts.


Cupping with our Brewista cupping spoons and cups.

Affiliate Portal

Our affiliate portal is the best way that you can track sales through your affiliate link, see your payout history, and even contact us directly with any questions or concerns you may have. We truly appreciate our affiliates, so we want to make sure that you have a direct line to us! The affiliate portal is an easy way to see the most important stats and information for our partnership as well, so you can see how many people are using your link to buy products, making it a great way to test how different post types work for your followers.

Pairing With a High-Quality Company

Whole Latte Love has been in the online espresso industry since 1997, so when you partner with us you’re also partnering with decades of high-quality service. We are dedicated to excellence in all forms, and we’ve expanded from espresso machines to an entire range of coffee and espresso products.

No matter what type of following you have, if they like coffee or espresso, they’ll enjoy our products. We offer options for everyone from complete espresso beginners to experienced aficionados, so even if you’re new to the espresso world we have options that will be great for you.

Counter Setup

An at-home setup from a member of the Whole Latte Love team.

In Conclusion

If you’re passionate about coffee and espresso and feel that you might be a good fit for our affiliate program, put in an application today! If you have any questions feel free to reach out to our affiliate program directly at You can also find more information on our Affiliate program page. We look forward to working with you!

Cat DeLaus
Cat DeLaus

Cat DeLaus joined Whole Latte Love in 2022 as a content writer. She writes and edits product copy and blogs, and loves getting to test out the products she writes about. She has always had a habit of drinking too much coffee, though she’s new to the world of espresso brewing and is excited to learn more about how to make great espresso.