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Review of the New Profitec Pro 600 Prosumer Espresso Machine

We’ve reached a point in our relationship with Profitec where the announcement of new products is met with equal parts excitement and curiosity. Hot on the heels of the Pro 700 steam upgrade we suggested to them, the Pro 600 turned out to be exactly what we were hoping for. After some hands on testing at Whole Latte Love HQ, we sent a team to Europe to get a firsthand look at how they were made.

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Product Review: Profitec Pro 500 PID Espresso Machine

There was a bit of chatter around the office when we first learned that Profitec would be adding a PID to the Pro 500. Up to that point, it was one of our most popular heat exchange offerings, and the inclusion of a PID seemed like more of a novelty at the time. Yet, as is the case with most things, seeing would be believing and the Profitec Pro 500 PID was ushered in as a more than worthy successor.

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Top 2017 Gift Picks: Coffee Grinders

Gift Ideas for coffee lovers! Grind fresh whole beans for the best coffee and espresso. Join Marc and Taylor from Whole Latte Love as they reveal our expert coffee staff picks for best burr coffee grinders based on quality, features and value.

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Top 2017 Gift Picks: Fully Automatic Coffee Machines

Gift Ideas for coffee lovers! Automatic bean to cup coffee machines make lattes, cappuccinos, espresso and more from fresh whole beans. Join Marc and Taylor from Whole Latte Love as they reveal our expert coffee staff picks for best machines based on quality, features and value.

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Multipurpose Coffee Grinders

So you want to grind for espresso, but you also want a grinder that will work for other brew methods like drip, press, and pour-over. So what’s a good grinder that can cover all of those? Today a look at some good, better and best grinder choices for those who regularly switch up brewing methods.

The main consideration in choosing a multi-purpose grinder is matching its’ capabilities in the fine espresso grinding range with the type of espresso machine you are using. Grind size is critical for espresso and less so for other brewing methods like drip, press and pour-over.

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Gaggia Babila Review

They make coffee and espresso for about 17 cents per serving. But for this one-touch bean-to-cup machine that’s just the beginning. How about milk based beverages like cappuccinos, flat whites and latte macchiatos from fresh ground coffee and fresh milk with a single button press.

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Coffee Mio Review

Since the early 1960’s Coffee Mio has been roasting at Thornbury, home to generations of Italian immigrants who created Melbourne’s rich European influenced restaurant, cafe and coffee culture. By sourcing the finest beans, Coffee Mio has taken Italian style bean blends to the next level. Now you can enjoy the same coffee you would while hanging out in a hip Melbourne cafe or at an outdoor cafe near the Sydney Opera House.

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